Why Work From Home When You Can Take a ‘Workation’ Instead!

a person at work in a room overlooking mountains and a water body

We often feel overworked, stressed out from our everyday activities, lack time for self-care, or feel worn out by city traffic when travelling to and from the workplace. In the wake of the pandemic, we've all embraced and welcomed the 'work from home' model, but that pleasure eventually turned out to be quite frustrating after a certain point, with the lines between work and personal life often blurred. The same four walls, the same sedentary, boring existence, and confinement to the city.

a person using a laptop on a beanbag

The Workation

Top executives pondered over ways to fight the stress and monotony of working from home, and thus, ‘Workation' was born! The trend is like a godsend in disguise and was adopted rapidly.

You don't have to take leave to hit the road. All you need is a place that is compatible with a working environment, and of course, a strong Wi-Fi connection! Hotels and resorts everywhere have recognised this need of the populace and offer wonderful workation packages. You can enjoy a stay at varied locations without getting distracted from your work and utilize pre & post-office hours to relax, rejuvenate, and de-stress.

Why do you need a Workation?

A workation helps you maintain the perfect blend of work while harmonizing your personal life. Without compromising on your working commitments, you can sojourn on a mountain top and listen to those beautiful songbirds, or relax with the sounds of the sea by the beach. A workation enables you to free yourself of anxiety, stress, and depression that stem from monotonous working conditions. It gives you the freedom to think beyond work, think for yourself, and most importantly, find time to love yourself again.

A Solo vs Group Workation

If you’re not the social type and feel the need to distance yourself from the workspace, colleagues or the busy city life itself, we recommend that you choose a nice villa or a countryside cottage. Alternatively, you can take your family or loved ones along, or perhaps embark on a workation with a few friends. Urban settings are most recommended, but you could also choose more remote locations, where you can combine fun activities and work simultaneously.

Requirements for the Perfect Workation

Destination - we highly recommend that you choose a domestic destination for your workation as it saves the additional stress of visa work and other legal formalities. International trips can increase the gap between travel and work, and this can make you tired from long journeys. Choose a destination that is easily accessible by air, or a short drive if you’re going by road. Try to keep it short and sweet for no more than a week or so.

a laptop and other accessories set on a balcony overlooking lush mountains

Internet Connectivity - ensure you choose a location that offers good internet connectivity, preferably a hotel/resort with high-speed Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected seamlessly. If Wi-Fi is not available on-premises, you should at least have good network connectivity to connect via your mobile hotspot or internet dongle.

Electronic Assets - don’t forget to pack your laptop and all its accessories. Be sure to carry a good noise-cancelling pair of headphones so that you are not distracted, or distract others with ambient noises. Also, take your camera along, you never know when a great moment presents itself that demands a great capture!

Popular Workation Destinations in India

God’s Own Country

Loaded with lush green cover, beaches, backwaters, houseboats, and forests, Kerala is all you need for a workation. You won't be disappointed by the tranquillity, peace, and heavenly serenity you are searching for. Get closer to nature, to culture, and most importantly to yourself, with an exceptional Savovar stay!

The Nightlife Capital of India

If you prefer a group workation, nothing can be better than Goa. Teeming with nightlife, beautiful coastlines, fun activities, high spirits and more, our hotel offerings in Goa ensure the perfect blend of work and vacation.

The Mystical Mountains

If you love the hills but are also the couch potato type, struggling to find the strength to unwind in the midst of the clouds and snow, Dehradun in Uttarakhand is the choice for you. The breathtaking views, short walks, hot cups of coffee and those delightful bowls of Maggie, will all definitely give you that work energy. It's a perfect home away from home. Sarovar Hotels will, of course, ensure that you don't miss your home even for a bit.

The Wild West

If you’re the outdoorsy type with a penchant for wildlife, you can head over to India’s wild west, with a workation at Sasan Gir. Explore the jungle trails and wildlife safaris after office hours near Gir National Park. As always, our Sarovar hospitality is always in close proximity!

In India, we recommend searching for Sarovar Hotels and Resorts. We are always nearby to ensure a comfortable stay at any of the 96 hotels at 65 locations, offering you a choice of hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and embark on that long-deserved workation today!