Let’s Travel Again With The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic brought travel to a standstill, and now with things getting back to normal, travellers are once again able to envision themselves basking in the sun by the sea, or trekking their way to a hill far from home.

There is no denying that things have changed - travel in the COVID-19 world is now a little different! Instead of booking a flight, a road trip to the nearest destination seems to be the smarter option. Unplanned trips will now be replaced by a fully planned holiday, no more can one reach a destination without pre-booking a hotel. Seats at restaurants would be fewer, and it may be difficult to find a table if not pre-booked. Health, hygiene and sanitization have become fashionable. Well, this is the new normal.

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There are several new aspects to be taken into consideration when you decide to travel. Apart from your GoPro and other fancy gadgets, the must-haves list for travel will now have new additions - face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, sprays and thermometers to name a few. It has also become supremely important to reconsider who you are travelling with and plan out your journey accordingly. It's best to avoid travelling with the elderly and those with co-morbidities. Air travel at the current stage is only for long-distance travel or when you are time-constrained. Driving, on the other hand, gives you more control over your surroundings and helps you make smarter choices - be it the flexibility of lesser stops, packing your own food for the journey or stopping at a restaurant that you consider safe and hygienic. A bike ride through the empty highways is also a good idea!

Once you reach your destination, it is necessary that you make smart holiday plans. Avoid crowded places, clubs and parties. Instead, chose a quiet and relaxing holiday at a resort, where you can enjoy your own space and time. Choose to stay with a trusted brand when it comes to hotels - any place that considers your health and safety as its highest priority. These are different ways of travelling - ways that most of us may not be used to. But coping with this new normal, and making the best out of the situation is the only way to enjoy your holiday safely and without any worry.

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Goa has reopened for tourism, but there are a slew of measures and coronavirus travel advice that the government has announced. Quarantine upon arrival is not mandatory for Goa tourists. However, individuals must either carry a COVID-19 negative certificate issued in the last 48 hours, or get tested at the state entry point as soon as they arrive. Measures like wearing a mask, frequent hand sanitizing, usage of the Aarogya Setu app, and practising social distancing while travelling in Goa are but of course, mandatory.

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At Sarovar, we understand your need to stay safe and secure during your holiday. Hence, we go that extra mile to ensure that your stay is peaceful & safe, yet a fun one. At the Sarovar Hotels in South Goa, we have the best hygiene practices in place - procedures and measures that take the utmost care of your health and wellbeing.

From being driven in a sanitized cab, to mandatory temperature checks and making sure that your luggage is sanitized before entering your rooms, we ensure high standards of hygiene are in place. At our South Goa hotels, we provide free masks, fully sanitized one-time use pens for paperwork, and sanitized room keys to our guests. Sanitizers are available at all common spaces throughout our hotels, common touchpoints such as lifts, lobbies, lift keys and doorknobs are sanitized frequently for your safety. We include scientific cleanliness practices at our hotels - rooms are handed over to guests only after 72 hours of the previous checkout. We use high-tech ULB machines to sanitize every nook and corner of your rooms, from the water faucets to the TV remote controls, everything is sanitized before your arrival. Even at restaurants and bars of our South Goa hotel, we follow high standards of safety and hygiene. Our tables are set six feet apart, our kitchens follow a hundred percent COVID-19 safety measures, and our contactless ordering system allows access to the food and bar menus directly from your mobile phone. At Sarovar, we do everything to ensure your safety, while striving to offer you a personalized hospitality experience and making sure that you have a fun South Goa holiday.

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And it is not just safety that we offer. Be it watersports in Candolim, a romantic dining experience at Canacona or a sightseeing tour of Goa - we have a slew of curated experiences in Goa. Whether you are on your honeymoon in Goa, or in the beach paradise for a quiet time with friends and family - we are a brand that you can trust. We make sure that you enjoy your holiday in South Goa to the fullest, without having to worry about your health and safety.

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