Explore The Best Of Palampur

A must visit destination in Himachal Pradesh, Palampur serves as the best spot for all adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Named the best Paragliding site on the planet, this city offers a refreshing breeze and is the perfect hill station to visit. Situated in this quaint location, amidst the rejuvenating greenery is RS Sarovar Portico- the first branded contemporary hotel in Palampur. Offering a splendid view of the Dhauladhar ranges and impeccable facilities at your service this is one of the best hotels in Dharamshala. While you enjoy a resplendent stay at our Palampur hotel, visit these top tourist destinations-

tea gardens RS Sarovar Portico Palampur

Tea Gardens

A lot of places in an around Palampur are tea plantation sites. These verdant tea gardens sprawl over vast acres of land and are a major attraction in the town. Relish some of the finest tea in these tea gardens as you revel in the splendour of the surrounding Dhauladhar mountains. Head back to our hotel in Kangra for a delicious dinner and a restful sleep.

tashi jong monastery RS Sarovar Portico Palampur

Tashi Jong Monastery

The Tashi Jong Monastery provides refuge to several Tibetans and is frequented by Buddhist monks throughout the year. The monastery is a fine exemplar of the best craftsmanship. The curved roofs, the adorned walls depicting Tibetan cultures and traditions exude serenity and spirituality. Do not skip this place from your itinerary as you stay at one of the best hotels in Palampur.

Baijnath shiv temple RS Sarovar Portico Palampur

Baijnath Shiva Temple

Established in 1204 A.D. this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, this is a famous attraction located about 30 minutes from RS Sarovar Portico, one of the best hotels in Palampur. The structure of the temple depicts Nagara style of architecture. The water in this temple is said to possess medicinal properties which is also a reason that it receives a large number of pilgrims. 

Nevgal khad RS Sarovar Portico Palampur

Nevgal Khad

Popularly known as Bundla Chasm, this popular attraction is located approximately 2 kilometres from Palampur. This place offers a serene environment with a view of the magnanimous snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges along with a 300-metre wide stream flowing through this region.  Choose to stay at our hotel in Dharamshala and revel in the best in class services offered here.