Rediscover India - Dibrugarh


Dibrugarh is an industrial city that is located in Upper - Assam. It is situated on the banks of the River Brahmaputra and provides the ideal blend of culture and natural attractions. The name Dibrugarh is derived from the word Dibrumukha. Here Dibru is the name of the river and Mukh means mouth. In short, it can be summarized as the city located at the mouth of the river.

The city is surrounded by acres of tea gardens and is generally considered to be an economic hub of North East India. Some of the prominent industries that call Dibrugarh home include the oil and natural gas industry, tea production, power generation, tourism and cottage industries. Dibrugarh has long maintained hegemony over the tea production in North East India and is, therefore, fondly known as the Tea City of India. Apart from Dibrugarh, the two other tea-producing districts include Tinsukia and Sivasagar. Take a break from the mundane life and visit Dibrugarh during your next trip to Assam.

How to Reach Dibrugarh?

Travellers who are looking to reach Dibrugarh via air can alight at Mohanbari Airport. This airport has frequent flights from major places such as Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Guests who alight at this airport can utilize the private taxis to reach their destination.

Dibrugarh also has superb rail and road connectivity to different parts of the country. Travellers who are looking to reach Dibrugarh can hop aboard the many express trains that ply their route to Dibrugarh and beyond. One can alight at this railway station and avail taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach their destination.


If you prefer to travel via road, then there are a number of state-owned buses that connect Dibrugarh to different cities. The city is also well-connected via a vast road network that spans across different Northeastern states. Travellers can make use of this road that exposes them to charming views.

Places to Visit in Dibrugarh

Tea Plantations

Dibrugarh is best known for its immense tea gardens that span across several hundred acres of land. Take a trip to the many tea plantations, which are among the best places to see in Dibrugarh. Guests can understand the process and production of tea, and also enjoy a steaming cup of the hot beverage produced using the freshest ingredients, picked from nearby plantations.


Bogibeel Bridge

Bogibeel Bridge is the longest rail cum road bridge in India. It is constructed atop River Brahmaputra and spans across a distance of 5 km. The bridge is an architectural feat that connects the northern and southern parts of Assam, thereby, allowing for easy transportation of goods, merchandise and other essential commodities.

Jeypore Rain Forest

Jeypore Rain Forest is one of the many forests that are present in the state of Assam. The forest is one of the popular tourist places in Dibrugarh that is renowned for its rare wildlife. Some of the animals that you can spot during your trip include the Clouded Leopard, The Royal Bengal Tiger, the Marbled Cat and the Common Leopard. Take a trip to this forest and notice these regal cats in their natural habitat!


Brahmaputra River

The Brahmaputra is among the holiest rivers in India. It attains its birth in Assam and flows through Tibet, India and Bangladesh. It is the 9th largest river in the world. If you want to enjoy pristine, natural beauty at its finest, then this is the place to visit.

If you are an adventurous person then you can participate in the white water rafting activity that starts at Tuting and is spread over a whopping 180 km. This route features several gorges, thick tropical forests and other natural attractions that add to the overall experience.

Guests who are travelling to Dibrugarh can choose to stay at Pushkara Sarovar Portico Dibrugarh. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Himalayas, this luxury hotel in Dibrugarh strives to provide a wonderful sojourn for all its guests.