Mashobra - A Safe Place To Travel To

The highways and roads coming towards Shimla-Mashobra are safe during the rainy season as they are regularly maintained ensuring that all rocky boulders are cleared out, preventing landslides. The Monsoon is a magical season that starts during the month of June and goes on till late September. The dark, cloudy skies and the cool winds are a welcome change from the sweltering heat of the summer months. The rain-bearing clouds give the skies a dark grey hue which makes for a splendid backdrop.

The Monsoon is also the ideal time to explore hill stations and other natural attractions around the country. Mashobra, in Himachal Pradesh is one such place which features vast swathes of nature along with other attractions that make for a great weekend getaway from Delhi. Mashobra is a quaint town in Himachal Pradesh and is located in close proximity to Shimla. It features two presidential retreats along with a host of other attractions that make for a worthwhile trip. If you are looking for a unique experience amidst nature this monsoon, then look no further than Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach Mashobra

Mashobra is well connected via rail, road and air. Tourists who are looking to reach Mashobra via air can alight at the Kullu-Manali airport. This airport is located about 200 kilometres from Mashobra and has a travel time of about 6 hours. You can avail of pick up and drop services from the airport, or can utilize the many private taxis that will help you reach your destination in Mashobra.

If you prefer to travel via train, then you can alight at Shimla Railway Station. This railway station is located about 15 kilometers from the city and can be reached in a 30-minute drive.


Mashobra is connected via the national highway and has a scenic route which can be best experienced when you travel by your own vehicle. Mashobra is located about 360 kilometres from Delhi and about 400 kilometers from Uttarakhand.

The Pavan-Hans and Himachal Pradesh government also operate charter helicopters and heli taxis which you can utilize to reach Mashobra. The heli taxi service which is operated by the HP government is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The average cost of a one way trip is around INR 3000. The helipad is located about 5 kilometers from Marigold Sarovar Portico and can be reached in less than 15 minutes.


Why Visit Mashobra?

Mashobra and Shimla are among the safest and most scenic places to visit during the monsoon season as there have been no cloud bursts, landslides or other natural disasters which are common in hillside destinations.

The Himachal Pradesh government has also removed rules requiring visitors who are travelling to the state to have pre-approved e-passes. In addition, they have also removed the need to have an RTPCR test before travelling to the state.

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