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Sunkissed beaches, clear backwaters, mighty ranges, spectacular art, boathouses and a plethora of wonders await you in Kerala. Kerala, the southernmost state of India, has almost 600 kilometres of shoreline. The fascinating mainland is defined by the Western Ghats, lofty mountains and plateaus whose slopes support a wide variety of plantations as well as wildlife. Kerala also plays host to national parks such as Eravikulam, Periyar, Wayanad and other sanctuaries.

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Kerala is a getaway from the noisy humdrum of the cities, hence, catapulting its tourism industry in the recent years. In recent years, Kerala has established itself as one of the best places to visit in India when it comes to experiencing pleasure and leisure.

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Ayurveda Spa

Kerala is renowned for some of its unique cultural characteristics. The traditions handed down from ancestors have attracted people to this quaint state for centuries. From the archaic healthcare system of Ayurveda to breathtaking hill stations and diverse ecology, Kerala hosts a plethora of wonders. Revitalize with an array of services offered across the state like spas and meditation centres. Embrace a holistic approach to serenade your soul. The calming aura of the Ayurvedic centres lets all the natural energy do its work. Enjoy an extensive range of Ayurveda services offered all across Kerala to reset your natural state.

Sarovar Hotels - The Leading Hotel Chain In India, offers a wide range of Kerala Ayurveda Spa treatments, which not only provides some much-needed relaxation but also benefit your health. All ailments can be healed with the ancient techniques of Ayurveda, and Sarovar Hotels in Kerala offer the best Ayurveda Spa therapies.


The backwaters of Kerala are a network of lagoons and ponds lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. Houseboat or Kettuvallam rides in the backwaters are a major tourist attraction. Seasonal boat races draw in scores of tourists as well. The backwater network includes large lakes, ponds and waterways. Ashtamudi Lake, the largest among them, is linked by 1500 kilometres of canals. These intricate backwaters careen through the entire length of Kerala.

Kerala backwaters Sarovar Hotels and Resorts
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Often the first choice for honeymooners, the houseboat rides are getting a good amount of exposure and are quite popular. These Houseboats or Kettuvallam also offer luxurious stays for longer durations. These houseboats drift atop the calming backwaters and serenading landscapes and aim at providing an authentic feel of the heritage of Kerala.


The festival season of Kerala climaxes with the undaunting beats of the chenda(drums) resonating across the landscape. The marching of elephants and massive 100 feet long snake-boats surging across the rivers can only be experienced in God's Own Country. With the onset of the festival season, the entire state reverberates with the essence of heritage and tradition.

Krishnanattam Kerala Traditional dance Sarovar hotels and resorts

Onam, Eid or Christmas, all of Kerala rejoices to bring the entire coastal state to life. From mystical figures coming to life during Theyyam performances to lazily strolling through the various shrines and churches, Kerala rises to the pinnacle of cultural gaiety. Onam is celebrated across most households in the state. Onasadya, or vegetarian feasts, with up to 60 separate dishes are the highlight of this festival. The festivals of Kerala are the pinnacle of the spirit and essence of the land. The festivals experience first hand will be forever etched in your heart.


Kerala is subject to a humid tropical climate with wet evergreen rainforests at lower elevations and deciduous forest in the highlands. Significant variations in terrain and elevation have resulted in a diverse biology. A wide range of popular wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala housing exotic and rare species of flora and fauna have christened the state as a natural biosphere. Nestled in the extensive forest of the majestic Western Ghats are fourteen wildlife sanctuaries and two tiger reserves. Kerala also has six national parks containing protected and endangered species like the Indian Sloth-Bear, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Indian Bison, Bengal Tiger and Nilgiri Tahr.

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kerala wildlife sarovar hotels and resorts

Sarovar Hotels & Resorts welcomes you to visit Kerala. With happiness, we ensure to rekindle your soul and spirit at one of the best hotels and resorts in Kerala. Located in the exotic locales of Kerala and away from the noise and din of the cities, our properties in  Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram offer world-class amenities, truly capturing the essence of God’s Own Country – Kerala.

Sarovar Hotels & Resorts offer holistic stays across exotic locales in Kerala. Choose from a plethora of offers, tailored for all kinds of vacationers, be it honeymooners, families or solo backpackers. Couples seeking relaxation are in for a special treat with Kerala Ayurveda Spa packages on offer at Sarovar Hotels in Kerala. Sarovar Hotels & Resorts also offers packages for short stays, ensuring a wholesome holidaying experience in God's Own Country.