Following the Food Trail in Gujarat

A Gujarati thali being served
Spices used in the traditional dishes of Gujarat

The Indian subcontinent is home to a diverse range of cultures and food plays an important role in each of these cultures. Likewise, the Gujarati culture is enriched with a myriad of flavourful dishes you should not miss if you ever visit this incredible state. Gujarati cuisine is well-known all over the world. Dishes like Dhokla, Khaman and Thepla have earned recognition amongst food-lovers and have even been featured across international media. Are you planning to visit Gujarat soon? We have a guide to help you cruise through the food trail of Gujarat. Explore this colourful cuisine with Sarovar Hotels.


To get up close with the city of Ahmedabad, one must indulge in the city’s street food. You will find shops here selling some of the most famous food in Gujarat, including the humble, crunchy and crispy Khakhra, which can either be eaten as a light snack or as breakfast. The maska bun is also a famous food of Ahmedabad, and is generally served with a steaming hot glass of chai, as the perfect evening snack For meals, Riverview Restaurant at Rivera Sarovar Portico or Celebrations- our pure-vegetarian restaurant at Sarovar Portico. At either of these restaurants, you will surely spot Gujarati delicacies that will entice your taste bud

A plate of bread served at a restaurant in Gujarat
A plate of bread and a gravy served as a traditional dish of Gujarat


On your journey exploring Junagadh’s native cuisine, you will come across several traditional dishes of Gujarat. The Gujarati Thali is a full-course meal that offers a resplendent experience that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your stomach happy. Even though the Thali has quite a few side dishes, they are all easily digestible and healthy. At Girnar Sky Lounge, our rooftop vegetarian restaurant at Bellevue Sarovar Premiere, we specialise in bringing to you the most authentic flavours in town in an ambient setting on the exquisite rooftop of our hotel.

Samosa- a famous food in Gujarat
Preparing a traditional dish in Gujarat


When in Somnath, do not miss out on the dairy products here including Lassi, Buttermilk, Chaas and other delicacies. You can also taste some famous Gujarati snack foods such as Fafda - a crispy treat made with besan, Khandvi - delicious rolls made from besan and buttermilk and Khaman - a fluffy and spongy cake-like dish also made from besan. Flavours, the in-house restaurant at Sarovar Portico, is the perfect place to try out some delectable Gujarati dishes. Let our culinary staff wow you with intricate yet intense flavours of the state that will leave you wanting more.

A steaming plate of famous food in Gujarat
A bowl of traditional food in Gujarat  23

Sasan Gir

While Sasan Gir is mostly famous for Gir National Park, the native cuisine of this town is also a fascinating aspect. Tourists can get a taste of original Kathiyawadi dishes including Bajra Roti, a bread made from pearl millet flour and a wide range of stuffed parathas which can pleasantly surprise you. The multi-cuisine restaurant at Sarovar Portico is well-equipped with an extensive menu that will satiate all your cravings for Gujarati food. All your orders are prepared from scratch with the highest quality ingredients and with the utmost care.

Spices used in the traditional dishes of Gujarat  2
A Gujarati meal being served


Even though Bhavnagar is predominantly a commercial city, it has a lot in store for food-a-holics. The street food in Ghogha Circle and Waghawadi Road are particularly famous. Make sure you try the famous Pav Gathiya, which is exclusive to the city of Bhavnagar. This dish comprises bread called Pav and Gathiya, which are strands of deep-fried besan. It is served with chutneys that add an intense spicy, sweet and tangy flavour to the dish.  Victoria 23 and Spice Story at Efcee Sarovar Premiere are two of the best restaurants in the area, serving authentic Gujarati and Bhavnagar food.

A bowl of traditional food in Gujarat
A meal of traditional food in Gujarat  23