Beautiful Locations To Get Married In This Summer!

There is something quite magical about summer weddings, especially if it is someplace unique. The trend of bright colours and graphic floral patterns are influencing engaged couples to plan a sultry summer wedding. Planning your wedding in the summer season proffers a multitude of benefits. It is the time of the year that produces some of the most tempting flowers than the icy winters. Summers are also a better option for a higher guest count.

So, if you are planning on tying the knot this summer, then do not fret any longer and book one of these amazing locations for your dream wedding!




Dehradun is one of the most charming cities for you to take your vow in! Its location on the Himalaya's foothills makes it a beautiful valley with scenic elegance. Just imagine, tying the knot to your loved one with the sun setting in the is nothing less than a fairy-tale! Dehradun is known not only for its panoramic magnificence but also for its uniqueness. It is an amazing location that promises you a romantic wedding guaranteed to make your photo album dazzle!


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Dehradun is characterized by its astounding landscapes and pleasant weather which is bound to take your summer wedding up a notch. There is an abundance of celebratory gardens, banquet halls and villas which is why you will never run out of your desired location! To make your dream wedding a success, some of the best hotels in Dehradun provide you with banquet halls to celebrate lavishly. Truly a destination to create fairytales!

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The “Pink City” is widely popular for summer weddings. Some of the most exquisite hotels in Jaipur are well equipped to conduct large scale summer wedding parties and make the overall experience worth remembering. Jaipur is known for its abundant traditional and cultural richness. In a city that is filled with architectural beauties and stunning historical forts, getting married in the “Pink City” sure will make you and your fiancé feel like royalty! Isn’t that romantic!

Jaipur is known for its alluring sightseeing spots. There are multiple resorts and hotels in Jaipur that help organize weddings and receptions. These hotels provide attractive, romantic packages that are guaranteed to make your wedding more memorable!


There is nothing more intimate than getting married and spending your honeymoon in one of the most serene states in India - Kerala is the epitome of elegance and romance. Signified by its pristine beaches, planning wedding celebrations on a private houseboat is something extremely exciting and enticing. Some of the biggest wedding destinations in Kerala are Alleppey, Wayanad, Kovalam, and Munnar. It is a charming way of starting a new chapter in your life! Getting married on the sun-kissed beaches with the sun setting behind acts as a natural filter, making your wedding day look graceful and alluring.

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The "God's own country" is popular for being one of the most famous wedding destinations in India. The sun-kissed beaches, palm trees, and tranquil nature make Kerala the perfect spot for summer weddings. There are multiple lavish hotels in Kerala that assist you to conduct your summer wedding. Estuary Sarovar Premiere, Poovar Island is one of the best properties that provide romantic couple packages and spacious lakefront venue banquet halls to make your special day even more special!

Getting married in the summertime opens more options for venues. Unlike winters, you can have grand open space weddings. Outdoor weddings give you more flexibility and more space to conduct an extensive wedding soiree. Enjoy on-the-rocks brews under the starry summer night.

So, do not delay anymore and plan your summer wedding at these unique and majestic locations today!