Explore the City of Jhansi

Jhansi lies on the arrestingly beautiful plateau of Central India. A city proud of its historic association for the first uprising of 1857. The city was an epicentre of power during the reign of the mighty Marathas. Even today, this region is known for its valour and the pristine beauty that surrounds it. Dedicated to explore and discover more of it, Sarovar recently inaugurated a stay facility at Jhansi. We have opened our 72-key property which includes an all-day diner, bar, conference and meeting facilities, and banquet halls, along with a rooftop open-air banquet space.

The other leisurely facilities like the swimming pool, gym and salon are also available at your behest. Natraj Sarovar Portico( http://www.sarovarhotels.com/nataraj-sarovar-portico-jhansi/)  is a stay facility that is situated in the heart of the city. It provides you with plenty of options to visit interesting and exciting vistas in and around Jhansi. We consider that this is something that is surely a goldmine for a curious soul. 

Few places that will surely leave a mark in your heart forever are mentioned below

Jhansi Fort


Spread over an area of 15 acres, Jhansi Fort used to be a stronghold for various empires throughout centuries. It is housed on a hilltop named Bangira. This fortress is a testimony of the 1857 uprising.

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary


If you’re a wildlife lover then this place is just perfect for you. Spread over 46 sq km with the Betwa River flowing through, it is such a welcoming sight. Tigers, leopards, langurs, jackals, sloth bears, blue bulls, monkeys and peacocks besides 200 bird species can be seen in their natural habitat over here.



If you wish to see the grandeur of the Bundelkhand dynasty then don’t miss out on the 14 chhatris beside River Betwa. It is the symbol of the grand past of Jhansi and tells the tale of the Bundelkhand dynasty’s glory.

Orchha Fort


This fort is housed on the splendid location of the island on River Betwa. Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal and Rai Parveen Mahal are the prominent palaces to be seen here. Be it the magnificent architecture of Jahangir Mahal or the historical monument of Raj Mahal, you will be amazed at the grandeur of them all.

Chaturbhuj Temple


Nearly four centuries ago, Chaturbhuj Temple was built by the Bundela Rajput kings. One could catch a glimpse of Lord Krishna from the balcony of the king’s palace nearby. Historians actually believe that this palace was structured in such a way as the king wanted the Krishna idol to be seen from everywhere in his palace.

In addition, there are two beautiful towns touching Jhansi that must not be missed. 

Mystically Beautiful Shivpuri


A mesmerising small town that shares the border with Jhansi District. It is barely a two hours journey from Jhansi by road. Its vividly vibrant and verdant greenery is simply heart-warming. For wildlife enthusiasts, Madhav National Park is an exciting place. You can visit Bhoora Khon Waterfall if you visit, as it is inside the national park.

Glory & Grandeur of Gwalior


Whenever you visit Gwalior, you just can’t miss the grandeur of Gwalior Fort. It is situated atop a cliffed plateau. An architectural marvel that will blow your mind, Gwalior is less than 100 kms from Jhansi.

There are so much to see and so many things to explore while your stay at Jhansi. It is pretty easy to plan an itinerary and have a hassle-free time while staying at Natraj Sarovar Portico       
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Don’t miss out on something that deserves to be seen!