Rediscover India - Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer features a rare blend of age-old architecture, rich Rajputana culture, and royal cuisine. Travellers who visit Jaisalmer frequent the many forts and Havelis dotting the city. In addition to the forts and royal edifices, Jaisalmer also features many other historical, military and other attractions that offer a unique experience to travellers in search of offbeat destinations in and around Jaisalmer. Here are a few such destinations that you can include in your itinerary during your next Jaisalmer visit:

Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli features a series of palaces that were built during the year 1805, by Guman Chand Patwa. Guman Chand was a wealthy trader who amassed riches to build this Haveli. Patwon Ki Haveli was constructed over a period of 55 years, and is said to be the first Haveli built in Jaisalmer. The Haveli is embellished with intricate furniture, and exquisite artwork to give it a distinct feel. Step into the haveli and take in the majestic sights of the complex and the landscape that surrounds.


Longewala Border Security Camp

Longewala is a border town that is located to the west of Jaisalmer. It is in close proximity to the border with Pakistan. It was the location of the Longewala battle, which occurred during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. To visit this offbeat place in Jaisalmer you must first avail prior permission from the authorities by producing an ID proof to them. Travellers who visit this camp can spot a Pakistani Tank that has been kept within it as a tribute to India's victory over Pakistan. 

Sam Sand Dunes

If you want to enjoy a memorable desert camping experience in Jaisalmer, then your best choice is Sam Sand Dunes. It is a luxury camping destination located near the Thar Desert, offering an enchanting stay for visiting guests. Travellers can explore the natural dunes via a Camel Safari or a Desert Jeep Safari. Come, partake in this one-of-a-kind experience during your visit to Jaisalmer.


Akal Wood Fossil Park

Akal Wood Fossil Park is a biodiversity site in Jaisalmer. It is located in the Akal Village, and is spread over an area of 21 hectares. This park is known to contain fossils and footprints of Pterosaurs, making it an archaeological hotspot. It also features other fossilized materials from the Jurrasic era that date back almost 180 million years.


Kheechan is a birdwatching haven that is located between Bikaner and Jaisalmer. This bird sanctuary is home to cranes and other migratory species of birds who visit the area during the month of August and stay till the following March. It is the ideal place to spot birds in their natural habitat.


Tourists visiting Jaisalmer and who are looking for the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day of exploration, can head over to Sairafort Sarovar Portico in Jaisalmer. This contemporary hotel features plush, well-curated gardens and panoramic views of the desert landscape. Come, enjoy true Rajasthani hospitality during your next trip to the Golden City.