Wholesome, Nutritious, Homemade Meals with Sarovar’s Ghar Ka Khana

Despite the mushrooming of fine-dining restaurants, ghar ka khana still triumphs! Apart from the comforting taste of home or the sheer simplicity, there are a plethora of nutritional benefits of homemade food. Regardless of the pandemic and whether one is in the comfort of home with family, our body deserves its daily dose of nutrition and energy. To reach that level effortlessly, homemade dishes are the best solution. It can be tiresome to balance the work-from-home regime and household chores simultaneously. Thus, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts offers the perfect remedy. We deliver palatable and healthy homemade food across India!

Ghar Ka Khana

Benefits of Ghar Ka Khana

Our "Ghar Ka Khana" or homemade food is a treasure box of delights. While rich and tasty restaurant food is delicious and irresistible, a healthy balance of home-cooked food meals is important for one's mental and physical wellbeing. Homemade food is lighter and less rich compared to processed food from outside and helps in the development of a robust immune system. These dishes are not overpowered with the richness of spices, which help in the sustenance of nutrients. Hygienic meals containing the right amount of vitamins and minerals, yet taste delicious, are crucial for the body.


WHO Supports Home Cooked Meals

The ubiquitous significance of home-cooked meals gained the attention and favour of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The organisation believes that homemade meals are packed with fresh and natural ingredients and are wholesome, devoid of unhealthy components.

The concept of devouring ghar ka khana has led to the rise of multiple homemade food chains in India. With coronavirus gradually abating, ghar ka khana still runs strong. It ensures that your body gets its daily nutrition without having to invest hours in the kitchen! The strategy enables you to satiate your hunger with simplistic and healthy food. If you are staying alone, away from home, unwell, have infants and children to look after, or busy with office work, these homemade food delivery services ensure to keep you satiated with nutritious and affordable thalis.

Sarovar is Serving Thalis that are Nutritious and Nourishing

With people still recovering from the deadly impact of coronavirus, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts aims to provide immunity-boosting thalis and food for home delivery, pan-India. Devour our hygienically packed vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis, which are delivered right to your doorstep! These thalis are affordable and aim to deliver wholesome and balanced meals. Along with our standard menu, we also offer a special local item based on the region of your order. So, devour Sarovar’s cost-effective and nutritious thalis in the comfort of your home, with your loved ones!

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