Home Delivery Service At Sarovar Hotels - India's Leading Hotel Chain

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WE CARE FOR YOUR WELLBEING WHILE YOU ARE AT HOME. We are introducing touchless home delivery meals for you from our below mentioned hotels.

Call on the below respected hotels to order your food.

Home delivery is available at:

Meals On Wheels @ Sarovar


For all the citizens during this important period We deliver your meals on wheels. Hygienically prepared & packed with utmost precaution veg & non veg selected dishes from our menu. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene ensuring that the kitchen space is cleaned, disinfected and maintained for best hygiene.


Made hand sanitizers easily available for their staff ensuring they wash their hands thoroughly multiple times a day.


Temperature readings of all our associates are taken at the entrance of the hotel.

Our Hygiene Audit Evaluates

  • Premises and pest control
  • Restaurant's license compliance status, overall cleanliness, pest control and visitor policy
  • Equipment and packaging
  • Quality and upkeep of equipment and containers used to store and deliver food
  • Raw material handling
  • Procurement and storage of raw materials to eliminate physical hazards or contamination

  • Food processing
  • Safety practices followed through cooking, handling and transportation of food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Standards of personal hygiene maintained, and training and supervision of food handlers
  • Water supply and disposal
  • Quality of sourcing, supply utilities and drainage and waste disposal processes followed