The Storyteller's Bar - A Uniquely Conceptualized Bar in Pondicherry

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The Universe is made up of Stories, not Atoms

Dilip Kapur, a gifted storyteller, lives and breathes Pondicherry and Auroville. A desire to create a cultural hub in his hotel on the coveted Pondicherry Promenade led him to connect with Simran Mulchandani, an ex-banker who had set up and run a pioneering music movement in Mumbai. Simran roped in industry aces – Ayaz Basrai and Kapil Thirwani and flew down to Pondicherry in December 2015 to understand what Dilip had in mind.

An instant bond formed sparking a common purpose. On an unforgettable day, Dilip took the team around his beloved town, explaining its rich history, revealing secrets and insights that are unavailable elsewhere. It became the inspiration for The Storytellers’ Bar - the best bar in Pondicherry, which now aims to be a space that reveals the nuanced stories of Pondicherry's past, present, and its bold future.

Spend an eventful evening at the bar in Pondicherry!
To know more about our restaurant, download the storybook.