Things to do in Jaipur

The capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is fondly known as the 'Pink City' for the aesthetics of the architecture in the city. A stunning presentation of old-world heritage amidst modern marvels, Jaipur is an ideal tourist destination for those who wish to explore the finest example of Indian culture. The contrasting attractions of Jaipur comprise of ageless hilltop forts, smothering food, and bustling markets. Some of the common things to do in Jaipur are listed below:

Hawa Mahal Nirwana Hometel Jaipur

Visit Hawa Mahal

Indulge in the beautiful sight at Hawa Mahal which takes you back in time. The mahal is known for its unique architecture that allows free flow of wind within the building creating a sense of awe to anyone who feels it. The Mahal is located right alongside the highway and is easily accessible.


Amber Fort Nirwana Hometel Jaipur

Enjoy Amber Fort
The multilateral beauty of Amber Fort is beyond description. The fort was a stronghold for the rulers of Rajasthan due to its elevated position and defensive capabilities. The fort also provides an ariel view of Jaipur city that will send you into a state of trance and tranquility that will make stay a couple of minutes more.

Jal Mahal Nirwana Hometel Jaipur

View Jal Mahal at Night

Much resembling a palace of sunken dreams the Jal Mahal is truly a construction out of this world. The peculiar architecture of the Mahal allows you to access it via boats and experience the air of royalty that surrounds its rooftop gardens. The Mahal must be visited while it's not submerged underwater entirely.

Shopping Nirwana Hometel Jaipur

Go Shopping in the streets of Jaipur

Jaipur is a land of gifted artisans and pot makers making it a Candyland for shopping enthusiasts. The streets of Jaipur is filled with souvenirs and work of wearable artwork including exotic makes of shoes and bags. The street food at Jaipur also deserves a lot of your attention due to its rich flavours.