Explore Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur, long known for the religious significance it holds, is a place that beckons for some soul-searching. There are several holy sites that should definitely be on your list of must visit places in Gorakhpur. Pay a visit to this city, and take home feelings of unbridled fulfilment.  

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Gorakhnath Math 

The Gorakhnath Math gets its name from a medieval saint called Gorakhnath, an extremely well-travelled Yogi who has numerous holy texts to his credit. This temple is pretty much the cultural hub of the city and carries out numerous social and cultural activities.

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Geeta Vatika

Geeta Vatika is a well-known temple complex in Gorakhpur, spread over 5.2 acres. It was built by the religious writer Hanuman Prasad Poddar. Home to beautifully carved statues of Radha and Krishna, the divine hymns chanted in this place are sure to reverberate in your ears for a long time to come.  

There is also much to be explored beyond the scope of religious sites in this beautiful city. Gorakhpur is not devoid of places for you to unwind at and de-stress from the clutters of daily life. Read on to find out more. 

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Neer Nikunj Water Park

Located at an optimum distance from the Railway Station, the Neer Nikunj Water Park is an easily accessible amusement park in Gorakhpur. Consisting of a host of thrilling water rides and the like, this place is ideal for you to let go and have some fun with your friends, family and loved ones.  

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Nehru Park

Take time out for Nehru Park while you're on your city tour of Gorakhpur. With a peaceful atmosphere surrounding it and numerous walking paths for you to take a stroll on, this place provides some much needed quiet and calm from the bustle of everyday life.