A Tryst With Food


“Food is history, culture, emotions, and identity all blended into one”


Gorakhpur, blessed by the river Rapti in the northern part of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is a city of great historical importance. Being situated within the Terai region of the foothills of the Shiwaliks, Gorakhpur stands witness to the transition of different cultures along with their cuisines. A paradise for food lovers, Gorakhpur offers a wide variety of cuisine and food options to choose from. A few of them are mentioned below:

shish-kebab,Nirvana Sarovar Portico, restaurant in Gorakhpur

Delicious-juicy Kebabs

Kebabs are a delicacy made famous, all over the world by middle-eastern cuisine. These little dollops of heavenly delights adorn almost all street stalls and high-end eateries in Gorakhpur, albeit with a twist. Kebabs are pockets of meat, flavored with spices and herbs, attached to skewers and cooked in a barbeque. One can find numerous variants of kebabs like the Kakori kebabs, Gulati Kebabs etc in all restaurants of Gorakhpur. Every variant of kebab is a wonderful treat and a must-have for every tourist. 

Kanji Bada

A slight variant to the Indian street food-The Daahi vada, Kanji Bada, one of the local favorites of Gorakhpur, is delicious and medicinal. Kanji Bada is the perfect food to consume after earing a lot of sweets during the festival season. Its tangy taste is refreshing and soothing. Although an unusual drink, Kanji Bada is super delicious and aids in digestion. It is tasty and makes for the ideal springtime choice. It's zingy, and refreshing taste will keep you coming back for more.

Vada,Nirvana Sarovar Portico, restaurant in Gorakhpur


After you relish a few of the spicy and tangy delicacies, now it's time to satisfy your sweet tooth. Gorakhpur is famous for its assortment of sweet dishes. A walk through any gully around the city would surely engulf you with the aroma of ghee, cardamom, and freshly prepared Gulab Jamuns. The sight of an occasional stall preparing Shahi Tukda would make you stop by the stall and taste it for sure.

Indian Sweet,Nirvana Sarovar Portico, restaurant in Gorakhpur

Gulab Jamun

Shahi Tukda,Nirvana Sarovar Portico, restaurant in Gorakhpur

Shahi Tukda

At Gorakhpur, you will find no dearth of delicious food to savor. Every nook and corner has something to offer that would take you by surprise and at the same time delight you. The multi-cuisine restaurant at the Nirvana Sarovar Portico, Gorakhpur is one such place that strives to satisfy guests with the best food in Gorakhpur. Our restaurant in Gorakhpur offers the best in ambiance with open-deck dining options, a live kitchen, and a display bar. If you are short on time, yet do not want to miss the delicacies Gorakhpur has to offer, worry not! Simply head on to our restaurant at Nirvana Sarovar Portico and taste the flavors of Gorakhpur.