Ayurveda Treatments at Estuary Sarovar Premiere, Poovar Island

Ayurveda Facial

Duration: 60 minutes

Our signature Ayurvedic Facial in which traditional herbs are used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. A specialized dosha specific herbal lepam is applied to the face which will tone, nourishes your skin, makes your face fresh and revitalized.

Price: Rs. 3500

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Classical Energizing Facial

Duration: 40 mins

This cleansing express mini facial is designed to stimulate and tighten skin. An express facial for men and women who want to look brighter and feel younger.

Price: Rs. 2400

Vaidyasala Signature Facial 

Duration:60 mins
Using our exclusive range of products, our signature facial is tailored to suit your skin type, integrating techniques designed to take you to new depths of relaxation. Your face will be delicately cleansed, lightly exfoliated, massaged and moisturized. A therapeutic Mask completes this wonderfully relaxing treatment.

Price: Rs. 3750

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 Duration: 45 minutes

This is the basic Kerala Ayurveda massage. Experts massage lukewarm Ayurvedic oil on the head and body. Enhances proper blood circulation, relaxes the mind.

Price: Rs 2500.00

Four Hand Synchronous Abhigyanam

Duration: 55 mins

A traditional synchronised full body massage is given by two therapists using herbal oil. This helps to liquefy toxins and induces relaxation, whilst eliminating impurities.

Price: Rs. 3950.00

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Marma Massage

Duration: 45 minutes

The focus of Marma massage is primarily to manipulate subtle energy or prana, but physically they’re also very effective for relieving stiff muscles and boosting circulation. Marma therapy is used extensively throughout Ayurveda, and is considered important in self-care and self-healing practices.

Price: Rs. 3500.00


Duration: 75 minutes

Elakizhi is one of the major sudation process using herbal leaves, practised by physicians in Kerala. It is highly effective in ailments affecting bones, joints and nervous system.

Price: 4000



Duration: 75 minutes

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring of liquids over the forehead. The therapy is done involving the holistic processes of Panchakarma treatment. The liquids used in Shirodhara depend on what is being treated, and it usually includes concoctions include of oil, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, or even plain water.
The calming effect produced by Shirodhara is similar to that obtained through meditation. Shirodhara usually begins with a full body massage called Abhyangam. It can also normalize the functions of hormones that regulate sleep and emotions.

Price: Rs. 4500.00


Duration: 75 minutes

The massage with warm rice (medicinal rice, Navara) bags dipped in milk and a herbal decoction. Oil massage follows again. This massage nourishes tissues, softens and moisturises the skin, enhances complexion, strengthens body muscles and cures the stiffness if joints. 

Price: Rs. 4500.00

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Scrub n Trim

Duration: 60 minutes

This massage is designed for reducing weight. This includes a herbal powder scrub after an exotic and vaso-dilating massage with warm herbal bags in oil/decoction.

Price: Rs: 4250


Duration: 60 minutes

Massage with special herbal powder after 40 minutes of oil massage. This is done like a scrub for exfoliation; breaks cellulite, depletes fat, strengthens muscles. 

Price: Rs. 3750.00

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Anti-Voyage Fatigue

Duration: 90 minutes

This massage is designed to relieve the stress and strain from long journey. This helps relieve muscle pain and aches, swelling of the feet, headache, sleep disturbance, constipation and discomforts of jetlag. 

Price: Rs. 5750.00

Kaya Sekam

Duration: 75 minutes

The body is made to perspire by continuously pouring lukewarm herbal oils or medicated milk in a peculiar pattern, allowed by gentle massage. The rejuvenating treatment is given for general weakness and arthritis.

Price: Rs. 6500.00

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Western Treatments at Estuary Sarovar Premiere, Poovar Island

Swedish Massage

Duration: 55 minutes

This classical relaxation massage promotes a sense of wellbeing by increasing your blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Price: Rs. 3000.00

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Balinese Massage

Duration: 55 minutes

A deeply soothing, relaxing treatment that combines traditional flowing massage methods. This massage uses techniques of skin rolling, long kneading strokes to renew, strengthen and relax the body.

Price: Rs 3750.00


Duration: 25/55 minutes
One of the oldest natural healing techniques of the century,  reflexology relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation, and helps the body to normalize through the stimulation of pressure points to the feet.

Price: Ris 1800.00/ 3000.00

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