Ayurveda Facility At Estuary Sarovar Premiere, Poovar Island

Vaidyasala at Estuary Sarovar Premiere mainly deals with Ayurveda related to both treatment and wellness. It starts with a doctor's consultation in which the guest/client gets to share his/her complaints and concerns. At the end of it, the doctor suggests a treatment plan along with necessary diet and regimen according to the treatment and nature of disease. The diet chart is handed over to the chef who would provide food accordingly. In order to make it more effective, there are yoga and meditation training sessions. If required, different forms of healing are also used. By the end of the treatment course, the guest leaves with a diet chart to be followed along with directions on yoga and meditation if required. This helps to follow a holistic way of life bringing more people into yoga, meditation and different kinds of healing.

As seen nowadays most of the clinical conditions or discomforts are psychosomatic, i.e., mental and physical. To add on, Vaidyasala holds an upper hand in treatment by considering mind and its various aspects with equal importance as to physical illnesses by methods like counseling and hypnotherapy.

Wellness packages are of high priority at all times for Vaidyasala. Guests come in for Ayurveda and Yoga retreats having in mind a destress, relaxation and rejuvenation combo that would give them a whole new experience.

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