Explore The Pink City

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. A city once famous for it's ruling emperors' lofty forts still bear testament to its past with its various monuments. Gardens, courtyards and museums are strewn across the city, a part of it is still a royal residence. Jaipur seamlessly combines the alluring medieval feel with the facilities of a metropolis. A lot of luxury and boutique resorts and getaways are focused in and around Jaipur. We bring you a few of things you should want to tick off your to-do list when visiting Jaipur!

Hawa Mahal Sarovar Premeier Jaipur

Explore Hawa Mahal
This iconic palace was the summer retreat for King Sawai Pratap Singh. Built in 1799, this palace has a unique architecture where the windows act as air-conditioners. Drawing in scores of tourists, this place is a must visit during summers!

Amer Fort Sarovar Premiere Jaipur

Visit the Amber Fort
The spectacular fort is built from pink and pale yellow sandstone and white marble. The Amber Fort is one of the major attractions of Jaipur.The fort overlooks the shimmering Maota lake and displays elegantly intricate Hindu elements.

Camel Safare Sarovar Premiere Jaipur

Take A Camel Ride In Jaipur 
Not many would have experienced riding a camel, but when visiting Jaipur, why not? You can stumble upon a lot of camel-herders for a ride on these gentle and calm animals. Indeed worth the fun, we do not endorse any animal abuse.

Sarovar Premiere Jaipur

Johri Bazar
 If you are in Jaipur, you can never return home without shopping
some traditional Rajasthani items. As the pink city, Jaipur is reputed for its unique jewellery manufacturing. Johari Bazaar should be the ideal destination for every ornament lover.