Places to Visit in Morbi

Jhulta Pul

Jhulta Pul is one of the most visited tourist places in Morbi. It is an engineering marvel built by the rulers of Morbi. Without a doubt, it is a quintessential progressive idea of the olden days. The bridge is the landmark of the city measuring 1.25 m wide and spans across 233 m on the Machchhu River.

suspension bridge 1
nehru gate 1

Nehru Gate

Nehru Gate is a stone building that reflects the Rajput architecture. It has a central clock tower. The area surrounding it is a major shopping hub. 

Mani Mandir

Standing as a testament to love, Mani Mandir is a beautiful temple built by Thakor Saheb Sir Waghji in memory of his queen Maharani Mani Ben. It is a palatial structure built with Jaipur Stones and has been ornated with exquisitely carved elements-arches, brackets, jalis, chhatris and a shikhara. The monument of beauty partially got destroyed in the 2001 earthquake but has since then been restored and renovated.

Mani Mandir

Green Tower

Green Tower is a town square in Morbi approached by three gates. It gets its name from the completely green appearance of the structure. It is said that Maharaja Lakhdhirji was inspired by the Eiffel Tower itself and wanted to build something as magnificent. It has elements of Rajput and European style architecture like the central clock and cast iron dome respectively. It was inaugurated in 1888 by Mayor Wood.