4 Things To Do In Jaipur - The Pink City

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and is one of the oldest cities in India. The famous pink-colored sandstone used in constructing the architectural marvels of the land has earned it the moniker- 'Pink City'. Bearing a rich culture that signifies the finer aspects of Indian history, the city is widely known for old-world charm as well as modern-day development. 

Jaipur Shopping, Hotel Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Street Shopping At Jaipur

Splurge at Jaipur where you will be able to find the most authentic and traditional Rajasthani jewellery and clothes. Buy precious stones at Johari Bazaar, pick up jewellery at Tripolia Bazaar, look out for marble sculptures at Chandpol Bazaar and get some great deals on wooden handicrafts at Mirza Ismail Road!

Camel Safari at Hotel Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Take A Camel Safari 

Explore the charming landscape on the back of a camel on your fun excursion to Jaipur. Camel safaris are prevalent activities in Jaipur for kids and in addition, the camels are calm and totally innocuous. You can explore the natural territories of this city and after that spend the night at a camp. 

Jal Mahal, Hotel Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Spend An Evening At Jal Mahal

Appreciate the outlandish architectural styles that consolidate both Mughal and Rajput attributes at Jal Mahal or Water Palace in Jaipur. This palace resembles a gem settled among the Nahargarh slopes and arranged on the Mansagar Lake. The Royals used to stay here mid-year.

Ranthambore,Hotel Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Visit Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is an experience in itself with flora and fauna. This was a previous hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Go on a tiger trail at Bakula, climb up to the Ranthambore Fort, spot sloth bears at Kachida Valley, purchase intricate handicrafts at Dastkar Craft Center and go on bird watching visits here.