Places to Visit in Vrindavan


Nidhivan literally means a forest of treasures. It is also the name of one of last surviving Tulsi forests where, it is believed, Lord Krishna still visits to perform his raas leela. Nidhivan Sarovar Portico is a dedication to Vrindavan, the land rich in lore and stories of Lord Krishna. Nidhivan Sarovar Portico is a 4 star hotel inspired by the beauty of simplicity and warm hospitality, located near Rukmini Vihar on Chatikara Road in Vrindavan. Experience a perfect blend of modern comfort and tranquil ambience with us. Embrace the graceful touch of elegant rooms perfectly charged up with amenities that exemplify ultimate settings, flawless interiors and heart pleasing décor. Enjoy our Satvik delicacies at Tripti, unwind in our comfortable rooms or rejuvenate your mind in our spa, there are a plethora of blissful facilities at your disposal. Our team will be happy to plan your travel if you plan to explore the land of Krishna.


Amongst the places most dear to Lord Krishna, Braj Bhumi, comes at the very top. It is here he performed all his miracles while growing up. Mathura, where lord Krishna was born, Gokul where he was left in the care of Yashoda and Nand right after his birth, Nandgao where he grew up, barsana – the land of Radha Rani, Goverdhan, Baldeo, Vrindavan and others all form a part of Braj. These places are so rich with his memories that even today one can find thousands of temples, ancient and recent, all dedicated to some form of Lord Krishna. What follows is a compilation of a few of these temples. It is our endeavour to educate our guests about the land which in every way resonates with his name.

Banke Bihari Ji

Distance from the hotel - 6.8 KM


One of the most famous temples in Vrindavan is Shri Bankey Bihari Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. Here ‘Banke’ means bent and ‘Bihari’ refers to Vihari or enjoyer. Shri Bankey Bihari Temple is the representation of unwavered faith and devotion to the beloved Lord. Thousands of devotees visit this century old temple every day to worship Shri Bankey Bihari ji.

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Distance from the hotel - 46.9 KM

At the foot of a hill 51 kms. North – East of Mathura is situated the venerable village of Nandgaon. It is known as the home of Lord Krishna’s foster father. Nand, in whose memory a spacious temple stands on the brow of the hill. Built in middle of the 12th century by one Rup Singh.Standing in the centre of a paved courtyard, it is surrounded by a lofty wall which commands an extensive view of the Bharatpur hill.

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Distance from the hotel - 2.6 KM

Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, also called ISKCON Vrindavan, is one of the major ISKCON temples in the world. This temple of unparalleled beauty holds a special place in the hearts of the followers of ISKCON. Unique in its tradition, this temple worships the kinship of two divine brothers; Shri Krishna and Shri Balaram at the very place where they had spent their childhood.

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Jaipur Temple

Distance from the hotel - 7.3 KM


The Jaipur Temple, Vrindavan, is one of the most opulent temples located in the heart of the city. It was erected by the Maharaja of Jaipur called Sawai Madhav, in the year 1917. 30 years were required to construct the temple. With unsurpassed craftsmanship intricate sandstone has been carved. Deities worshipped here are Sri Radha-Madhava, Ananda-Bihari and Hansa-gopala.

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Govind Devji Temple

Distance from the hotel - 7 KM

Built by Raja Man Singh in 1590. The temple is a testimony of the architectural splendor of medieval India. The temple walls average 10 ft. thickness. The upper state is regular triforium. Originally seven storeys high, its upper four storeys were destroyed during the reign of Aurangzeb. The Krishna idol was then moved to Jaipur.

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Vishram Ghat

Distance from the hotel - 10 KM

Vishram Ghat is a ghat, a bath and worship place, on the banks of river Yamuna in Mathura, India. It is the main ghat of Mathura and is central to 25 other ghats. The traditional parikrama starts and ends at Vishram Ghat. Lord Krishna is said to have rested at this place after killing Kansa.

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Radha Kund

Distance from the hotel - 19.5 KM

History has it that when Lord Krishna slayed a mighty asura(demon) in the form of a bull, his consort Radha tersely told Krishna to wash off his sins by taking dips in various holy rivers. Krishna laughed it off and struck the ground with his foot whereupon the mighty rivers emerged, welled up and formed a kunda (little water body). The Lord bathed in the water to please Radha. The kunda came to be called "Shyam-Kund".

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Kesi Ghat

Distance from the hotel - 10 KM


Keshi Ghat is the principal bathing place in the town of Vrindavan. Here the sacred river Yamuna flows very graciously and extends herself to everyone without discrimination. Anyone who touches, drinks, sees, smells and bathes in her waters become infinitely purified. This ghat (series of steps leading down to a water body) is named after the pastime of Lord

Krishna killing the demon Keshi.

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