Escape the stresses of daily life and embark on a journey of well-being with our Day and Half-Day Journeys. Choose from a selection of curated experiences designed to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, including yoga sessions, meditation practices, holistic facials, and therapeutic massages. Reconnect with yourself and find inner peace as you immerse yourself in healing rituals and mindful practices. Whether you're seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or self-discovery, our Well-Being Journeys offer the perfect opportunity to restore balance and harmony to your life.

A therapist holding a small bowl and performing a ritual over a client lying on a massage table, reflected in a round mirror.


215 Minutes

• Steam (15 Minutes)
• Calming Foot Ritual (15 Minutes)
• Deep Sleep Himalayan Salt body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Deep Sleep Holistic Aromatic journey (85 Minutes)
• Yoga Nidra (55 Minutes)

Hands holding a Tibetan singing bowl with a mallet, outside against a green, leafy background.


260 Minutes

• Steam (15 Minutes)
• Tsampa Foot Ritual (15 Minutes)
• Tibetan Tribal Tsampa Body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Tibetan Massage (85 Minutes)
• Tibetan Seabukthorn Balance Facial (55 Minutes)
• Tibetan Chants (45 Minutes)

A close-up of a therapist giving a head massage to a relaxed client lying on a massage table.


245 Minutes

• Steam (15 Minutes)
• Balancing Foot Ritual (15 Minutes)
• Balancing Himalayan Salt body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Balancing Aromatic journey (85 Minutes)
• Peace and Tranquillity Facial (55 Minutes)
• Trataka Candle Meditation (30 Minutes)

A therapist massaging a client's leg while the client relaxes on a massage bed with a warm towel.


195 Minutes

• Revitalizing Foot Ritual (20 Minutes)
• Awaken Himalayan salt body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Journey of Awakening (85 Minutes)
• Chakra Shuddhi “Chakra cleansing technique” (45 Minutes)

A foot soak with rose petals in a brass bowl, while a therapist massages a client's leg.


190 Minutes

• Steam (15 Minutes)
• Warming Foot Ritual (20 Minutes)
• Warming Himalayan salt body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Deep Tissue Massage (85 Minutes)
• Pranayama (25 Minutes)

Overhead view of a wooden tray with fresh rosemary and a bowl of sea salt, with a person's hand garnishing the salt with rosemary.


305 Minutes

• Steam (15 Minutes)
• Himalayan salt Foot Ritual (15 Minutes)
• Peace Holistic Aromatic journey (85 Minutes)
• Tranquility Tsampa body scrub (45 Minutes)
• Peace Clay envelopment (55 Minutes)
• Pollution Rescue Facial (45 Minutes)
• Antar Mouna (45 Minutes) “An art of witnessing Thoughts”