Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is famous for it's plethora of temples and shrines where pilgrims and residents of the city pay homage. Temples for a number of Hindu deities dot the city at different places. A sense of quiescence and divinity prevails throughout the city. We bring you the most famous shrines to visit, not just for the religious, a visit to these places ensure the solace and solitude one requires in life from time to time.

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Takhteshwar Temple

Created in the late 1800s, Takhteshwar temple is one of the oldest temples in Gujarat. Takhteshwar temple perches precariously over a hillock, overlooking the quiet town of Bhavnagar. A shrine of the three-eyed Hindu deity - Shiva, this magnificent temple is supported by 18 pillars. A splendid courtyard of the temple, right below the 'sikhara', houses enchanting marble artworks including a statuette of the goddess Nandi. A stunning view of the Gulf of Cambay is bestowed upon any visitor meandering through the marble-clad staircase. Scores of visitors pour in to pay their tribute during the festival of Shivratri. This place is just 8 minutes of drive away from our hotel in Bhavnagar,

Aksharwadi Temple Efcee Sarovar Premiere Bhavnagar

Aksharwadi Temple

Aksharwadi Temple, a well-known temple in Gujarat, is a place of meditation and dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. The semblance of spirituality echoes throughout the halls and corridors of Aksharwadi Temple. Intricately chiselled corridors contain various terracotta works, wall paintings and idols of the various Hindu deities. The Aksharwari Temple bears testament to an eon of Hindu mythology, including the carving and painting dedicated to Lord Krishna, including the Cradle of Krishna. The temple bears a testament to the staggeringly large dominion of the Hindu mythos. This temple is 5 minutes away from our hotel in Bhavnagar.