Places to see in and around Jammu

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi is a palace that has a rich history behind it. It was the palatial home of the ruler of Jammu, Maharaja Hari Singh till the year 1925. It provides scenic views of the Tawi River and can be reached in under 15 minutes from our hotel in Jammu. 


Mansar Lake

The Mansar is a lake that has hills with forests on its banks. These forests stretch for a mile in length and half a mile in width. This lake is a popular excursion spot and also has the Sheshnag (snake with six heads) shrine which is very auspicious. Mansar Lake is located about 54 kilometers from our hotel and can be reached in less than 80 minutes. 

Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many endangered animals and birds. It is home to a large number of pine and fir trees. Animals and birds like the pheasant, blue rock pigeon, wild boars, and leopards are the common species present in this region.  This Wildlife sanctuary is located just 12 minutes from our hotel in Jammu.