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Bengaluru Palace
Located 12 kilometres from our hotel in JP Nagar is the sprawling Bengaluru Palace, a striking contemporary residence, which was owned by the first principal of Central High school in Bengaluru - Rev. J. Garrett. The British Guardians later purchased and transformed the palace with elegant wood carvings, cornices and floral motifs. The palace encompasses a total of 35 rooms decked with mirrors and stained glass.

Bangalore Palace
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Bull Temple
Nandhi Temple (or Dodda Basavana Gudi) is located on the Bull Temple Road in Bengaluru. Just 5 kilometres away from our hotel in JP Nagar, the temple is situated on the top of a mountain. Legend has it that it was a bull which had once saved the groundnut crops and ever since, farmers every year come to the world-renowned Bull Temple to offer the first yield of their crop to the deity.


Botanical Garden – Lalbagh
Botanical Garden – Lalbagh is a heaven for all nature lovers seeking a space to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Etched amidst the city of Bengaluru, the Botanical Garden is the ideal place to escape from the city life, thanks to the lush-green garden ringing the lake inside it. Steeped in an old-world charm, Lalbagh is home to a variety of plant species belonging to Persian, French and Afghani origin. This garden also has a beautifully constructed glasshouse where annual flower show is held every year on Independence Day.

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