Tempest at Sea Breeze Sarovar Portico Varca, Goa

Tempest cluster setup from front side
Tempest cluster style from side view

Tempest, our 3,335-sq. ft. banquet hall in South Goa, provides a versatile and spacious setting ideal for various events. Designed without pillars, it offers unobstructed views and a seamless experience for all guests. In a cluster-style arrangement, it comfortably accommodates up to 180 attendees, promoting intimate and interactive gatherings perfect for conferences or workshops. Alternatively, the hall can be configured in a reception style, expanding its capacity to host up to 450 guests, making it suitable for larger presentations, ceremonies, or performances. This flexibility, along with modern amenities, makes Tempest an excellent choice for both social and corporate events.

Seating Arrangements

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