Dindi - The Best Kept Secret

When one thinks of travelling to scenic destinations, many popular tourist hotspots come to mind. India, on the other hand, is dotted with a number of hidden gems and offbeat vacationing spots such as Dindi. Located in the Godavari delta in Andhra Pradesh lies the beautiful village of Dindi, a truly exceptional place to visit, the best-kept secret!

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This significantly underrated village is still quite unexplored by people. Dindi features backwater canals, lagoons, lakes, the shimmering Godavari river, beaches, coconut plantations and lush greenery. It is a haven for calmness, bestowing its travellers with serenity and peace.


Tread off the beaten path and explore these extraordinary attractions at this charming destination where the Godavari joins the Bay of Bengal.

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Antervadi Beach


Antervadi Beach is where the Godavari meets the ocean. During high tide, the Bay of Bengal even pushes the river water back. It is a wonderful spot to get some breeze in your hair and some sand between your toes, as you fall in love with the picturesque beauty. The views that the beach offers up during the mornings, with the sun rising up from the horizon over the water, is simply spectacular.

Peruru Heritage Village


Peruru Heritage Village, located near Amalapuram, has chosen to stick to its traditional heritage and architecture, while the world around it modernized. Take a walk through this village, that is centuries old to experience a piece of the past in real time. The houses have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, the roads are still made out of mud, the temples are ancient, and there is an air of quiet and calm.

River in Dindi

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary


Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is located right on the edge of the land, bordering the Bay of Bengal. The estuary at its edge is indeed a delightful sight to behold. It boasts the second largest stretch of mangrove forests and is home to critically endangered fauna. There are 24 species of mangrove trees and more than 120 species of birds that Coringa is home to, including the white-backed vulture and long billed vulture.

Boating in Godavari


Experience the tremendous beauty of the Godavari River and the lands that surround it with a boat ride. Gaze at the sparkling river, feel the breeze sweep you off your feet and allow the emerald-green of Dindi colour you impressed, as you become one with nature. You can even book a houseboat to spend your day on the river, continually mesmerized by the astounding scenic beauty.

Dindi is one of the most enchanting and charismatic destinations in Andhra Pradesh. This seaside and riverside village spoils you with its extravagant beauty and tranquillity. Dindi is easily accessible via the air and rail network and features beautiful hotels such as RVR Sarovar Portico, to help take it all in. Enjoy your getaway at a delightful and marvellous riverside hotel with feature-packed rooms, and splendid views.