Meetings & Events at RVR Sarovar Portico - A Contemporary Hotel in Dindi


An ideal location is most necessary when you are hosting a special event and the banquet halls at the RVR Sarovar Portico, Dindi offer just that. Our banquet halls are spacious and can host a wide variety of social and corporate events. Some of the social events you can conduct at our hotel include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, luncheons and more. You could host an array of corporate events like product launches, exhibitions, PR events and more. Our banquet halls are air-conditioned and items like audiovisual equipment, microphones, overhead projectors can be procured on an a la carte basis at our hotel in Dindi. 


Godavari Banquet Hall
The Godavari Banquet Hall in Dindi is the ideal place for hosting both corporate and social events. It is over 1200 sq. ft in area and can easily accommodate a decent number of people quite easily. The Banquet Halls are centrally air-conditioned and come with Free Wi-Fi for our guests to enjoy. You can avail our audiovisual equipment and Projectors to help with your event on an a la carte basis.
Board Rooms
The Board Room at the RVR Sarovar Portico is ideal for the modern quality conscious businessperson. It stretches over 292 sq. ft and can accommodate a maximum of 14 people. It can be used to host annual review meetings, shareholder meetings, and many other small corporate meetings. Our Board Room in Dindi is an air-conditioned venue that comes with free Wi-Fi, our guests can also avail audiovisual equipment and projectors on a chargeable basis.

Seating Arrangements

Godavari Banquet HallBoard Room
Theatre setting - 120 paxBoardroom setting - 14 pax
Cluster setting - 50 pax-
Floating Crowd setting - 150 pax-
U-shaped setting - 40 pax-
Classroom setting - 50 pax-
Boardroom setting - 45 pax-