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The Land of Gods as it's generally known, Himachal Pradesh has a wanderer claim to it. From twisting streets to tea plantations, from lavish green backwoods to the sprawling mountains that nearly touch the sky and call your name, it's one for the anxious soul. Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is one among the must-visit places for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Palampur has been named the best Paragliding site on the planet. It is a perfect hill station for getting a charge out of trekking and paragliding. It's such a different and a pleasant feeling to wake up to the snow-clad mountains as you sip on to the best tea in India. Your mundane work life and the hustle and bustle of the city will definitely change once you decide to travel to this place. This holiday season travel to Palampur.  

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1) Chamuda Devi Temple

 This is a very important Hindu Devi temple. This place has a very interesting story. Once a king and a priest prayed lord Chamunda (Devi) for her permission to relocate the temple to some easily accessible place. That very day the goddess appeared in the priest's dream and told him about this place where they had to dig the earth to find her statue and that could be used to pray. This surely is a place of great importance and miracles. Do visit this place to know more and feel blessed!

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2)BundlaTea Estate

At least after you know that Palampur is known as the tea capital of north India, you definitely have to visit a tea estate. This is a standout amongst the most excellent tea homes of Palampur, which covers Bundla, Aima and Lohnapanchayats. The rich green tea gardens are taking care of business in the storm. Individuals can be seen culling tea from April until October. The old Bundla Tea Estate complex, which is more than 200 years of age can be seen from the street.

3)Gopalpur Zoo

Dhauladhar Nature Park was started by Himachal Pradesh government, is a must visit for animal lovers and kids. Mammoth Lions, panthers, bear, porcupine and more can be spotted here. It is an ideal place for picnics and investing your energy investigating the characteristic and grand magnificence of the Dhauladhar mountains.

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4) Paragliding

Paragliding must be a standout amongst the most widely recognized in Palampur. There are a few paragliding schools here from where you can go for a noteworthy flight over the horizon of Palampur. The huge open space and absence of tall structures offer the perfect foundation for an unhindered skim as you fly over the rich green slopes and blue water lakes with sprawling mountains in the scenery.