4 Offbeat Tourist Attractions In Mumbai

The commercial capital of the country, Mumbai is undoubtedly the largest and the most enchanting city in India. Originally an obscure village inhabited by the fishermen folk and a cluster of seven islands, the British took up the task of land reclamation and fused all the islands into one. Scattered throughout the city are natural and man-made mementos that instantly transport you to a different era. In a city that never sleeps, we bring you 4 underrated visual delights.

Powai Lake, Hotel Residency Sarovar Portico Mumbai

Powai Lake

The Powai Lake is more than 200 years old and was built by the British. Although being an artificial lake, it is bestowed with an abundance of natural beauty. The lake serves to be home to many aquatic animals and amphibians. Visitors can indulge in various activities such as boating at the Powai lake.

Vihar Lake, Hotel Residency Sarovar Portico Mumbai

Vihar Lake

Vihar Lake was developed in 1860 on the Salsette group of islands. This lake, arranged in the middle of Tulsi Lake and Powai Lake, contributes to 3% of the city's southern area's water prerequisites. Many migratory birds, native birds and crocodiles are found in the vicinity of the lake. Sunsets are very beautiful here.

Mahakali Caves, Hotel Residency Sarovar Portico Mumbai

Mahakali Caves

The Mahakali Caves located in Andheri East, are ancient Buddhist caves. Carvings from Buddhist folklore can be found in the hollows of these caves. There are lobbies and cells where the priests lived. The Mahakali Cave is a gathering of 19 rock-cut structures which is said be built between 1st century BCE (Before Common Era) to 6th century BCE. 

Chhota Kashmir,  Hotel Residency Sarovar Portico Mumbai

Chhota Kashmir

Exquisite flora and fauna of Chota Kashmir right inside Goregaon dense forest make for a perfect weekend getaway. This is the only place for Mumbai citizens to enjoy boating. Lush green lawns covered with flowers make it a colourful affair and the chirping of cuckoos, sunbirds, and parrots ensure a smile on your face.