Popular Delicacies Of Lucknow

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TundayKe Kabab

Introduced by a kind one armed man, this popular restaurant has been serving delicious kababs since the time of Mughals. Over 150 spices are added to make these kababs that melt like butter in your mouth. Located at Chowk Area in the city, Tundey Ke Kabab is a place one must visit.

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Lucknow Biryani

If you are a biryani lover, like most of us, Lucknowi Biryani would win your heart. The delicious flavour and the cooking techniques are what makes it world famous. The meat beautifully blends with the steamed biryani rice to give you an extra zest of tang.

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Sheermal is a popular dessert that lingers on your taste buds. It was one of the major delicacies in the kitchen of the ancient Mughal Emporers. Prepared with dough, milk and sugar, this soft and sweet bread is a staple in Lucknowi cuisine.

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Malai Ki Gilori

Lucknow has yet another dessert for you that is creamy and soft. It is claimed by tourists that this sweet is found nowhere but in Lucknow with its rich taste. Find your taste palette follow its sweetness on your next visit to the city.