Gold Leaf Spa At Ambrosia Sarovar Portico, Haridwar

Rejuvenate your mind and body when you head to the Gold Leaf Spa at Ambrosia Sarovar Portico, Haridwar. Revitalize your senses and loosen yourself from the stress and hassles of daily life with our holistic therapies. Make an appointment today at the Gold Leaf Spa - where serenity begins.

Why Choose Us?

At the Gold Leaf Spa, we believe that great skin doesn't happen by accident, it happens by appointment. Our highly trained therapists will provide you with the most exemplary service while our specialized ‘All weather Climate control’ ensures you are comfortable all through the year. All Gold Leaf Spa’s are Vastu oriented; which results in a positive flow of Energy. Our Spa uses Balms, Hydrosols, Elixirs which are 100% Natural, without chemical preservatives and to ensure purity, all of the above are made in-house. We strive to make your skin glow and thrive. Here are some more reasons which make the Gold Leaf Spa, a class apart:


Discover your inner self at our spa where you’ll feel awakened, balanced, and rested within a warm welcoming environment. Reconnect with yourself during our unique massage treatments, transformative skincare and globally inspired therapies. Enjoy a restorative scrub and steam experience and find harmony as you relax in our quiet spa lounge. Make an appointment today!


At The "Gold Leaf Spa", we manufacture all balms, hydrosols, elixirs and serums. We make fresh professional grade facial creams and masks - so that no preservatives are required and our products are as natural as possible. The required bio-actives are added to these products so that you get better results than any of the artificial products and brands. 


From the very beginning, the wellness of our guests has been kept in mind in the context of all our services. We think it started with the fact that we belong to the time where we saw life changing from 'close to nature' to 'hardly anything natural'. We have consistently ensured that all our products and services are as natural as possible to provide you with the best possible treatment.

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All our therapists are trained in house and are imbibed with the values with which we treat our guests. Our therapies and massages are designed to provide you with ultimate relaxation and bliss. Our master therapists are experts in dissolving those knots and provide deep tissue massages to give you a new leaf of life! 

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Just when you think you have no time for anything, drop by the Gold Leaf Spa. Our services will be provided to you on top priority and we will completely rejuvenate you for the daily challenges ahead. Choose from our multitude of Spa experiences - Calming Lava, Deep Tissue Bamboo, Royal Thai massage, Swedish massage, Relax Aromatherapy and many more. 

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Gold Leaf Spa aims to provide you with the best in lifestyle improvement and Health enhancement through professional spa services. Why Gold Leaf Spa? Because you deserve to feel good and we take care in bringing out the best in you. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified brand, which means you get repeatable quality. Book your appointment today!

Whether you need the perfect makeover or just need to reenergize from the hassles of daily life, head to the Gold Leaf Spa - where serenity begins....

Type Of PlanCost Of PlanAvail Services WorthValidity (in months)
Silver (One Person)15000+GST200002
Gold (One Person)25000+GST350004
Diamond (Two Persons)50000+GST1000008