Attractions at Lonavala

Camping, Hotel Elysia Sarovar Portico

Camping In Lonavala

Camping in Lonavala is a serene experience as you connect with the nature in the western ghats. Rejuvenate your senses as you scamper away from the daily cacophony of noise in the urban jungle of the cities. Take a hiking and a camping experience in the midst of thick clouds at the Western Ghats.

Karla Caves,Hotel Elysia Sarovar Portico

Explore The Karli Caves

The Karli Caves are a series of prehistoric caves dating back to 3rd century BC. These Buddhist caves are a memento of the archaic architecture chiselled into the walls of the caves by skilled craftsmen. These caves are to draw in scores of tourists and people who a keen interest in archaeological wonders of India.