Things to do in Ludhiana

PAU Museum Park Plaza Ludhiana

PAU Museum

The Punjab Agricultural University Museum is one of the must-visit establishment in Ludhiana as it takes you on a trip to the ancient glory and pillage of the highly hardworking city and through its development from an agricultural background to its present modern glory. The museum features old tools used for farming along with some insights into the societal structure of the city.

Highway Cycle Industry Park Plaza Ludhiana

Highway Cycle Industries

Highway Cycle Industry is one of the oldest indigenous cycle manufacturers in India. The company is an important part of the city as it has remained a witness to the drastic changes the city has gone through in the past. Cycles used to be the main mode of private transport before it became a children's toy, yet the importance of this company is still intact.

Nehru Rose Garden Park Plaza Ludhiana

Nehru Rose Garden

The beauty of Ludhiana is best seen in the famous Nehru Rose Garden. Dedicated to the late first prime minister of India and his immortal love for roses and children this park still stands as an important tourist destination inside the city. The sunrises and sunsets add a hue to the overall scenery making it stunning.  Make sure you visit the garden before leaving the city.

Prabhakars Wax Museum Park Plaza Ludhiana

Prabhakars Wax Museum

Prabhakars Wax Museum is one of the guilty pleasures the artistic society of Ludhiana chooses to indulge in. There are more than 50 wax statues of prominent figures from film and society and more keeps adding. The most recent addition has been the statue of Kapil Sharma, a famous Indian Tv host. Vist this musuem to surprise yourself with magical works with wax.