Tourist Places In Gangtok - Explore The Mountains As You Stay At Our Gangtok Hotel

Tsongmo Lake, Sarovar Portico Gangtok, places to visit in gangtok

Tsongmo Lake

It is one of the most valued tourist attractions of Gangtok. The beautiful lake is often covered by a snowy hill on the left and an arid hill on the right making it a spectacular viewing point. The crystal blue water in the lake brings about a mesmeric feel to the entire region. The lake often reaches freezing temperatures so caution is advised. Tsongmo Lake is located just 39.2 km from our Gangtok hotel. 

Rumtek Monastery at Sarovar Portico Gangtok, hotels in gangtok

Rumtek Monastery

The Rumtek Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Sikkim, located over a hill 23 km from Gangtok. Initially, it was called the Dharma Chakra Center. The monastery is surrounded by verdant green mountains and in this serves as a visual treat other than being a point of convergence for divinity and exploration. Rumtek Monastery is located 16.2 km from our Gangtok hotel.

Nathu La Pass, Sarovar Portico Gangtok, best hotel in gangtok

Nathu La Pass

Nathula Pass was an entry point between India and Tibet before it was shut in 1962. It is one of the most elevated motorable streets on the planet. On a bright sunny morning, you can even observe the street going down the Chumbi valley. Travellers are permitted to go near the border from where you can see Chinese soldiers on the opposite side of the fence. Nathu La Pass is 55.9 km away from our Gangtok hotel.

Bakthang Falls, Sarovar Portico Gangtok, hotels in gangtok

Bakthang Waterfall

The Bakthang waterfall is just a 20-minute drive from Gangtok town to a place called Swastik, next to the armed force cantonment zone. The tranquil waterfalls cascade down to form a natural pool below.  In local dialect 'Bak' implies a forest and 'thang' which means meadow. The natural waterfall is the major water source of the city. Bakthang waterfalls is located just 6.5 km away from our Gangtok hotel.