The Universe is Made Up of Stories, not Atoms.

Jean Luc Godard famously said "Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form." The embodiment of that very spirit is what drove the initiation of The Storyteller's Bar - a unique cultural hub inhabiting The Promenade in Pondicherry. Originating as Dilip Kapur's brainchild, the idea to give Pondicherry's vivacious stories a platform took shape when he met Simran Mulchandani who then brought industry aces Ayaz Basrai and Kapil Thirwani into the picture.

Pondicherry has always attracted rebels, spiritual seekers, and dreamers - all filled to the brim with stories waiting to be told. The Storyteller's Bar, a unique bar in Pondicherry aims to be a presence that celebrates those abundant stories that breathe life into the "Paris of the East".

After all, stories make up the soul of a space. Not brick and mortar.

Design & Architecture

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The primary feature of the bar is the large "Wall of Stories" - a space dedicated to a vast variety of memorabilia, stories, anecdotes, props and articles from Pondicherry.

Unmistakably inspired by Pondicherry and Auroville, it offers the best of both worlds - the French Colonial tropical vibe coupled with the quirky, sustainable aesthetic of Auroville. This bar in Pondicherry attempts to break masculine bar stereotypes and explore a more nuanced, detailed expression, thereby giving birth to elements in the bar which are classic, robust and full of soul.

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Staying true to its name which is derived from the central theme of the bar, guests are offered journals or storybooks to fill out with anecdotes, memories of Pondicherry or stories of their own travel, which will then, almost poetically contribute to the evolution of the Wall of Stories.

The bar will always be a personification of the beautiful city which by itself is an embodiment of various cultures and their overflowing stories.

Events & Food

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By night, the versatile space morphs into a stage that hosts varied performances. Intimate jazz gigs, larger world music, poetry, book readings, street art, experimental shows and more are carried out in the cozy atmosphere that engulfs Storyteller's Bar. Periodic film festivals, comedy, theatre - this bar is open to every performer with a story to tell.

As Maya Angelou so succinctly summarised - "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."


The food at our bar in Pondicherry is founded on the belief that great talent and fresh ingredients can create dishes that are creatively simple yet wholesome. The menu, created by The Promenade's executive chef Sathish, is inspired by Auroville's unbending insistence on healthy, organic and sustainable food.

With the marriage of international and local cuisines culminating in a subtle, yet assertive blend of food, the sheer diversity offered to you on a palate is an experience worth having.

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