Estuary Sarovar Portico, Poovar Island

Sthoulya (Slimming Programme)

From the perspective of Ayurveda, losing weight is not about starving or suppressing the appetite. It is about balancing your fat metabolism, you don’t have to starve yourselves or exercise till you drop. Balance is the key and with a therapy which is tailor-made to suit your constitution. Treatments include Body Massage by special herbal powder and using internal herbal medicines.

Treatment Inclusions

Njavara Kizhi

Other Inclusions:

2 way Aiport Transfers
Half-day City Sightseeing (or) Mangrove Cruise for 90Mins
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as per the Doctor prescribed diet chart
Initial, daily and final consultation by the doctor
Free medicines during the treatment period

Please select the packages as per the three seasons mentioned below:

Season 1 - 20th December to February 29th      Somatheeram  
 Rooms7 Nights Package07 NIGHTS PACKAGE14 Nights Package14 NIGHTS PACKAGE21 Nights Package
Garden View Room11551820Euro 1330Euro 205823103640Euro 2660Euro 411634655460
Leisure Villa12251890Euro 1428Euro 217024503780Euro 2856Euro 434036755670
Garden Cottage12951960Euro 1638Euro 240125903920Euro 3276Euro 480238855880
Premium Cottage * (Exclusive Ayurveda Rooms)13302030Euro 1981Euro 277926604060Euro 3962Euro 555839906090
Estuary View Room14002100Euro 2436Euro 329028004200Euro 4872Euro 658042006300
Season 2 - 01 st Oct to 19th Dec & March to April          
 Rooms7 Nights Package07 NIGHTS PACKAGE14 Nights Package14 NIGHTS PACKAGE21 Nights Package
Garden View Room11201750Euro 1190Euro 185522403500Euro 2380Euro 371033605250
Leisure Villa11901820Euro 1260Euro 196023803640Euro 2520Euro 392035705460
Garden Cottage12601890Euro 1435Euro 213525203780Euro 2870Euro 427037805670
Premium Cottage * (Exclusive Ayurveda Rooms)12951960Euro 1750Euro 248525903920Euro 3500Euro 497038855880
Estuary View Room13652030Euro 2135Euro 290527304060Euro 4270Euro 581040956090
Season 3 - May to September          
 Rooms7 Nights Package07 NIGHTS PACKAGE14 Nights Package14 NIGHTS PACKAGE 21 Nights Package
Garden View Room10851680Euro 875Euro 147021703360Euro 1750Euro 294032555040
Leisure Villa11551750Euro 980Euro 157523103500Euro 1960Euro 315034655250
Garden Cottage12251820Euro 1120Euro 175024503640Euro 2240Euro 350036755460
Premium Cottage * (Exclusive Ayurveda Rooms)12601890Euro 1365Euro 199525203780Euro 2730Euro 399037805670
Estuary View Room13301960Euro 1540Euro 220526603920Euro 3080Euro 441039905880
Private Pool Villa          

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