Holi - The Colours That Unite Relations

Holi in Pondicherry
Holi in Pondicherry 1

The onset of spring brings to us, the carnival of colors, Holi. This is one of the most renowned Hindu festivals which marks the celebration of good over evil. There is a myriad of legends associated with the celebration of Holi. While some believe it marks the birthday of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, others are believers of Holika - the demoness who was vanquished by Lord Vishnu. Due to these tales and folklore, Holi has gained significance as a festival of new beginnings with vibrant colors.

The festival is celebrated far and wide across the country with great pomp and show. Fun, frolic and laughter emanate through the streets as people dab themselves in bright colors. While most states have a similar way of celebrating Holi every year, Pondicherry - the Paris of the East, finds its own way of participating in the festivities.

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The journey towards self-liberation is when you have immersed yourself in the mirth of colors!
Holi in Pondicherry

In some parts of the country, Holi is celebrated for weeks and in other parts for two days but the impact of splashing colors and watering each other in a fun way never gets old. Pondicherry has a classic way to show off its cultures and traditions. While the Union Territory celebrates the festival in rich vibrant colors, the people commonly practice the concept of sustainable Holi.

With eco-friendly colors being used in the festivities, there is no possibility of any environmental damage. No harmful chemicals are concocted in the making of water balloons or powdered colors, making it completely peaceful for people as well as the local flora and fauna. Whether you head to aristocratic Auroville or visit the swanky streets of Rainbow Nagar, you will find merriment on the streets without any harm to the environment. The lip-smacking delicacies and the vibrant zest across the territory are also worth being a part of the celebration.
Every Indian state defines the tradition of Holi in its own way, but the spirit of embracing it can only be expressed through unity!
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