Tourist Guide - Explore the Royal History of Rajasthan

The beautiful city of Mandawa lies in the Shekhawati region of the land of the kings, Rajasthan. It is connected conveniently by a wide network of roads making it ideal for tourists to hire a cab and go on a city tour around Rajasthan. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this exotic city to take a peek at the royal Indian grandeurs of the bygone era. If you are residing in our Sarovar hotel in Mandawa, don’t miss these UNESCO Heritage sites in Rajasthan! Keep on reading.

Heritage Places You Can Visit in Rajasthan


Chittor Fort

This UNESCO Heritage site is known is hailed as one of the largest forts in India. Located in the town of Chittor, this fort in Rajasthan was the capital of Mewar. This fort is beautifully situated on a hill which is 180 m high. The tale of Mahabharata states that the Mythological being Bhima made this fort in a single day. As a number of water bodies flow inside the premises, the fort is often called as Water Fort. It covers an area of 700 acres and is considered one of the most prestigious places in Rajasthan. You can reach this destination from our hotel in Mandawa, The Messenger-Harlalka Haveli in 9 hours by car. Akin to our hotel in Mandawa, the Chittor Fort also exudes lavishness of the last era. Chittor Fort has a lot of historical significance related to the Rajput Kings, Meera, Mauryans as well as the Mewar Rulers. Hence, if you are in Rajasthan for a short vacation, keep this fort in Rajasthan at the top of your sightseeing list!


Gagron Fort

Gagron Fort has been heralded for its awe-inspiring architecture and its glorious history. The main reason why tourists come to see this fort from far and wide is that it is surrounded completely by water. In the 12th century, this fort was built by king Bijaldev and is now listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fort is renowned for the significant part it played in the Medieval Period when Akbar The Great and Sher Shah merged it with their empire. Locals believe that this place is haunted by the spirit of King Achaldas Khinchi. If you are staying at a hotel in Rajasthan and looking to try out some spooky Rjasthani locations, then this is the place for you! Plus, the added sceneries are an added advantage! This fort also houses a number of unique parrots called Hirman parrots which are double the size and darker in colour than the regular parrots.

Jantar Mantar

Constructed by Prince Jai Singh II, this astronomical observatory was made to learn more about cosmology concept and complex astronomical skills. The term Jantar means “instrument” and Mantar means “calculation.”The prince was educated well on the subject on cosmology and astronomy and hence, devised the instruments himself. This site is very popular among tourists from all over the world as it allows them to observe the astronomical bodies with naked bodies. If you are residing in our Sarovar hotel in Mandawa, then this destination is just 30 mins away from the location. Situated in the heart of Jaipur, this observatory is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The visiting times are between 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Keoladeo National Park

If you are looking for the perfect family getaway, then the Keoladeo National Park will be ideal for you! Located just 6 hours away from our Sarovar hotel in Mandawa - The Harlalka Haveli, this national park will be the perfect vacationing spot for tourist groups and families who want to spend quality time in the heart of nature. This sanctuary was created over 250 years old and has huge swamps, woodlands and dry grassland. This was initially made as a hunting ground for the kings and was named after Lord Shiva Temple that lies in the vicinity. Every year thousands of tourists visit this heritage park to watch its abundant wildlife and scenic beauties. Perfect for tourists who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, this tourist spot in Rajasthan is home to 50 fish species, 360 species of birds,370 herbaceous species, seven turtle species, five kinds of lizards, seven amphibian species and much more. You will be able to get in the ark at a nominal fee of Rs 50. The park opens from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm between March to October and 7.00 am to 6.00 pm between November to February.


Kumbhalgarh Fort

Looking forward to showing your friends Instagram worthy pictures of Rajasthan? Head over to Kumbhalgarh Fort which is known for its spectacular vistas and untouched natural backdrop. The entire fort stands on a 1180m high ridge and is touted as the second-largest wall in the world (after The Great Wall of China). This 700 years old fort in Rajasthan is known as the birthplace of the famous Rajput King, Maharana Pratap. Some historians argue that this fort was made by King Samprati of the Maurya age but everyone can agree that the present construction was finished by a ruler of the Sisodia Rajput clan, Rana Kumbha. Our Sarovar hotel rooms in Mandawa, The Messenger - Harlalka Haveli can be related to this fort’s interiors considering the level of intricate details that have been preserved for centuries. The entry fee is a nominal Rs 10 and the fort stays open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Every corner of this fort oozes Rajasthani heritage and its diverse culture.