Grand Crystal at Bellevue Sarovar Portico, Junagadh

Banquet Hall Bellevue Sarovar Portico Junagadh
Prefunction at Banquet Hall Bellevue Sarovar Portico Junagadh
Banquet Hall 2 Bellevue Sarovar Portico Junagadh
At this hotel, we understand the business needs of our guests and hence we have designed threestriking banquet halls at the lobby level. The first two banquets are 909 and 1072 sq.ft. respectively, the spaciousness of them makes them ideal for hosting widespread celebrations such as birthday parties, wedding receptions and other fun events. We also organize and execute corporate events and gatherings such as business talks, conferences and seminars. Banquet Halls I & II are equipped with several modern audio-visual  amenities that ensure you have a fulfilling event that is entertaining or educative depending on the form of event you organize.

On the 10th floor, is our other banqueting facility that offers you 850 sq.ft. of unadulterated space where you can throw parties and bashes based on your requirement. We ensure that your events are completely secure and well-arranged so that you can enjoy the night with the best food and drinks around.