Balaji Sarovar Premiere, Solapur

Getting There

By Air
The old Airport is 03 kms away from the hotel but is only used for Charted Flights. The upcoming airport is 15 kms away from the airport.

By Rail
Solapur is well-connected with metro-cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore with rail. Balaji Sarovar Premiere is located 5 kms from the railway station. There are several trains that come and go from the Solapur Railway station to different part of the state and the country too.

By Road

Solapur is very conveniently located on the main roadway routes from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Local Municipal Bus Service is available for local transportation in Solapur. Solapur is 433 km away from Mumbai and 244 km from Pune.


Solapur Local Information:
Solapur is a city located in the south eastern part of the state Maharashtra. It is a very important small scale industrial centre and known for its cotton industries. The city has a pretty good transport hub connecting it to major states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Places Of Interest:

The Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is famous for the rare bird great Indian bustard, also known as Maldhok. This sanctuary covers an area of around 8000 sq km and is a natural habitat of blackbuck, wolf, Indian fox, hyena and mongoose.

Siddheshwar Temple was constructed by a devotee of Sri Mallikarjuna of Srisailam, Shri Siddharameshwar. The temple is located near the Siddeshwar Lake and has three gates situated in the cloister through which the inner courtyard can be reached.

Pandharpur has an old temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini. The site is also popularly known as the Kuldaivat of Maharashtra and the Southern Kashi of India.

Bhuikot Fort is famous for the Animal Park that is home to deer, rabbit, pigeon, monkey, duck and peacock, to name a few. The park also has various amusement facilities for children.

Ekruk Tank is believed to be the second largest irrigation project of the entire Deccan region. This tank in the city of Solapur was established during the reign of the British by Colonel Fife.