4 Things To Do In Chennai

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Take a walk through Thalankuppam Pier

Thalankuppan, a little fishing village situated in the northern part of Chennai, is another mind-calming goal that will leave you with a serene memory! An interesting and quiet location close to the city, this is where the Thalankuppam River meets the ocean. A perfect place for the peace and quiet lovers, the wharf in this area is a must-visit. Prominent in the film industry, a stroll along this pier is a standout amongst other activities in Chennai. Visit this spot amat id the morning or night and you can witness the brilliant beams of the sun with the shining waves. Go out for a stroll through the Thalankuppam Pier, feel the quietness that exists here and curate a part of your vacation.

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Visit St Thomas Mount Church

Situated on a little hill, St Thomas Church located in the Guindy suburb of Chennai is amongst the most holy and beautiful places of worship in the city. As indicated by patrons, this is where St Thomas, who was a follower of Lord Jesus lived and furthermore attained martyrdom around 2,000 years ago. Apart from the religious significance, this place is additionally known for its cultural magnificence. From the peak, you can appreciate dumbfounding perspectives of the nearby area. On a visit to this divine place, you can encounter the sacredness and dedication that exists here. Furthermore, the rich and appealling excellence of the congregation and its environment will clearly keep you charmed every single moment.


 Glimpse of the Space in Birla Planetarium

For all the science afficionados going to Chennai, they don't need to worried over being getting exhausted! Alongside alternate batches of guests, this city likewise offers a considerable outlet to the science devotees; and one amongst these is the Birla Planetarium. Opened in 1988, this it has a few energizing projects that opens the ways to the space and nearby planetary group. Inside a visit to this planetarium, you will get to know the development of the stars, earth, comets, moon and other captivating components of the universe. Be it for the youngsters or the adults, a visit to Birla Planetarium is considered as a standout amongst the most educative activities in Chennai.


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Fun Rides in MGM Dizee World

For those of you that crave adrenaline rushes and water sports, MGM Dizee World is the place to be in Chennai. With the most engaging rides and water slides, an exciting day in this carnival is likewise among the best activities in Chennai with your children. It is a destination that keeps the visitors engaged throughout the day. Water World of this stop is something that each guest of MGM Dizee World look forward to in Chennai. On the off chance that you are searching for some fun and energizing things on your approach to Chennai, you now know where to go!