Sahil Sarovar Portico, Lonavala

Getting there

By Air
Since Lonavala & Khandala do not have an Airport one has to fly to Bombay or to Pune. The nearest International Airport is Bombay and Domestic Airport is Pune.

By Road & Rail
Lonavala & Khandala are very well connected by Road and Rail. Every train or car going towards South India from Bombay via Pune has to pass through Lonavala & Khandala.

Lonavala Local Information:
Lonavala is known for its nature which is present there in its entire splendor. This beautiful and immensely popular hill station is blessed with valleys, hills, milky waterfalls, lush verdant green covers and cool pleasant weather. Lonavala is an epic poem, a mini paradise, with beautiful mountain ranges which especially come alive during the rains. The entire landscape of Lonavala is full of scenic spots. The Rajmachi Point, 10 kms away from Lonavala is a spot worth visiting and one can travel through thick forests and Deep valleys on the way. This place is known as Rajmachi point because opposite this is the historic Rajmachi Fort. It is surrounded by deep valleys on three sides and a thick forest on one side. This fort is very old and probably belongs to the Yadav period. For adventure seekers, the Duke's Nose is a good place. They can try their hand at rock climbing at the peak of the Duke's Nose. The Valvan Lake is another scenic spot very close to Lonavala. Here the Tatas have constructed a beautiful dam with a lush garden. Another such spot here is the Bhushy Lake. On one side there is a lush green hill and on the other side there are small waterfalls. During monsoon tourists throng this place just to get drenched. The famous Karla Caves are located 11 kms from Lonavala. These are the ancient Buddhist caves. They are in existence since 160 BC and are supposed to be the biggest among the "Chaitya Caves". The exquisite carvings created by human hands leave one spellbound. At the entrance, there is a small temple of Ekvira Devi. There are lion pillars and inside huge elephant forms are carved on which there are different forms, representing Gautam Buddha. Other carvings include dancing pairs with windows everywhere. One should take a few days in hand to explore all the wonders that Lonavala promises its tourists.