Enjoy Shopping at Pondicherry

La Boutique d Auroville

Bengal saris on display
La Boutique d Auroville

Pondicherry is not just about the beach and French colony. Shopping here is sure to include some exclusive designs, handmade embroideries and excellent fabrics in your closet. Find everything you require at one place. Women can find Blouses, dresses, pants, kurtas, pareos, skirt, tops. Kurtas, pants and shirts are available for men as well. You cant help but find yourself shopping fabrics, scarves, tablecloths and jewelry.

Nehru Street

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Nehru Street is the busiest street in Pondicherry. Situated in the bustling MG Road area in Pondicherry, Nehru street offers a wide range of daily need shopping items. This place is always thronged by shopaholics and is lively all the time. The fact that you get everything from household items to good fabrics welcomes a lot of visitors.

Mahatma Gandhi Street (M.G.Street)

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Mahatma Gandhi Street is the busiest street in Pondicherry and has more than 100 stalls. This place exuberates the best of pure Tamil Pondicherry. From fish markets to food stalls and from clothes to jewelry, you are sure to find everything you seek here. This street is a lot to explore.