Park Plaza, Gurgaon

The Great Kabab Factory

Undoubtedly one of the best places in town to sample an authentic Indian Kebaab. The chefs here have done a great work in digging out old recipes and recreating the age old magic. With a range of Punjabi, Lucknowi, Hyderabad, Awadhi and Peshawari kebabs, the restaurant always has something to tempt you.

New Town Cafe

Its round-the-clock dining and a tempting, yet healthy menu that makes the New Town Cafe a favorite with guests. All the recipes served here are carefully selected and ensure that the best of ingredients are used to make the dish a special one. The staff is also dedicated and makes sure that you have the best of everything on your platter.

Lounge Bar

A refreshing spot on the hotel site is the NTC Lounge and Bar. Designed and decorated in an unusual way, the bar has an alluring ambience and makes for a cozy place to sip on to your favorite drink. Stocked with the best premium, imported and Indian spirits, the bar is always ready with a refreshing drink for you. The bartender can even create some energizing mocktails and cocktails. Guests can even order some piping snacks to go along with their drinks.

New Town Pastry Shop

A tempting spot create here is the Pastry Shop offering a range of exotic cakes, pastries and some mouth watering savories.