The Peerless Sarovar Portico, Durgapur

Getting There

7 km from the Durgapur railway station,
1 km from the City centre bus stand,
183 km from the kolkata airport,
4 km from the main Benachity market.


Durgapur Local Information

The Steel city of Durgapur, also known as the Ruhr of the East, is located in the district of Burdwan, a little away from Kolkata. It is located very close to India's biggest coalfields in the Raniganj-Dhanbad area. Durgapur has a whole gamut of manufacturing industries. Among them Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) and Alloy Steel Plant (ASP) are the 2 biggest around which the city and the other industries have grown. Other major industries in Durgapur are Durgapur Projects Ltd. (DPL), Philips Carbon Black Ltd. (PCBL), Alstom Power Boilers and Durgapur Thermal Power Station (DTPS).

Durgapur reflects the image of an industrialized India; a perfect blend of culture and modernization. Today it is one of the most important industrial belts in India.


Places of interest

The main tourist attraction is the Durgapur Barrage over the Damodar. It is a breathtaking sight during the monsoons, when the river is swollen. The gardens around it are an ideal place for a picnic. Shantiniketan is a place worth visiting here. This university town was founded by the Nobel Laureate (1913) Rabindranath Tagore. It is home to the famous Vishwa Bharati University, renowned for its fine arts department. Jaidev is the birthplace of the famous Bengali Vaishnava poet Jaidev. The river Ajoy here can be crossed on foot. A fair is held during the first half of January, which lasts for 10-15 days. Bishnupur in Durgapur is an ancient city reputed for its temples and Terracotta sculptures. It is also famous for the Baluchari sarees. Other places worth visiting include Tomb of Sher Afghan last of Afghan jagirdars, located at Pir Beharam Kanchannagar, Mukutmanipur, Maithon (Kalyaneshwari temple) and Bakreshwar.