Express Sarovar Portico, Faridabad, Delhi - NCR

Getting There

Local information

The city of Faridabad is located in the south eastern part of the Haryana State which in turn lies in the northern region of India. Faridabad has a total area of about 2,151 square kilometres and being located in the south eastern region is naturally cool in the winter season and a bit hot in the summer. The region is famous for agriculture. Even though the city is big in size, it comprises of beautiful landscapes.


Places of interest

Qutub Minar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar stands tall as a fine example of the imprints that the pre-Mughal dynasties left in Delhi.


Lotus Temple: Marvellous architecture, absolute peace and a surreal serenity welcome you in this lovely house of worship!


Surajkund Tourist Complex: This complex is 8 km from Delhi and is popular among both locals and tourists. The Suraj Kund Lake inside the complex is an ideal picnic spot. An annual fair is held in February which brings artisans from all over the country to display their valuable creations.


Baba Farid's Tomb: Baba Farid is believed to have found Faridabad. His tomb is the most visited place by both locals and tourists.


Getting There

Airport: 36 km
New Delhi Railway Station: 24 km


Nearby landmarks and their distances

Airport 25 km 15.5 miles
Railway Station 18 km 11 miles
Lotus Temple 10 km 6.20 miles
Qutub Minar 14 km 8.70 miles
Surajkund Tourist Complex 0 km 0 miles
Hospital/Fire Station 10 km 6.20 miles