180 Degrees is a multi-cuisine buffet restaurant that enthrals you with its menu, service and live counters. The large windows bathe you in an energising stream of natural light and treat you to calming views of the lawns, while you feast upon delicacies from around the world.
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Open Hut Dhaba

Enjoy the finger-licking hearty taste of real Punjabi dhaba food in this specialty restaurant. True to the original, you sit on charpoys and eat off thick thalis placed on rough-cut log tables, as you soak yourself in the authentic decor of the truck masthead and Gurbani wall pieces. You can even dance to the lively beats of the true-blood dhol masters. But the best part is the open kitchen which gives you a peek into the cooking process deftly handled by chefs specially summoned from Punjab.

Good Old Days

Rev up the fun factor at this South Indian pub that's themed with motor cars and Tamil pop music, to offer a unique ambience for meetings or socialising. A range of premium international spirits, new twists on traditional cocktails, as well as an extensive selection of appetizers can be discovered. Even better, Happy Hours are till 6 pm.


Up your cool quotient at this chic lounge bar that's designed with flair. A great place to host meetings or socialise, a seat at the island bar gives you a fascinating view of the bartenders' magical skills. Wine aficionados will be happy with the separate wine display room. The cuisine is strictly Nouvelle with a slant towards local curry.


The name is explanatory. The experience, exceptional. How often have you had a unique interactive dining experience with an aquarium as the star attraction? You select your fresh catch from it and the master chef prepares it to your preference of Thai, Korean or Japanese recipes. Oriental lives up to its name in every aspect with authentic food and decor complete with traditional low seating.

In-room Dining

A wide multi cuisine menu can be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of your room.